Summer is here!!

The weather has been gorgeous this week so we’ve been out and about a fair bit. My youngest three children didn’t finish until Tuesday and I was working on Friday but we definitely made the most of the weather! We’ve been to the park at least three times and on Thursday we made a trip to a nearby Lido which was fantastic!

I love the warm weather and usually by this time of year I have sunbathed a fair bit but up until this week I hadn’t sunbathed once, been too busy I guess! But this week, at the Lido, I had a whole day of blissful sun!!


My boys loved running around in the open space


 My daughter and her friend in bare sweaty feet walking down the slide 


Wheee… down the firemans pole at a different park


 Cooling off in the gorgeous cool pool


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Fabulous! The sun makes such a difference 🙂 The Lido looks brilliant, perfect x

  2. Hooray for the lovely sunshine and may it continue! It’s so great to be out and about and enjoying the parks and having some great water fun with friends. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  3. Awww every photo is with the perfect weather is awesome! This bright weather is so magical. Putting smiles to every kid outside =) #countrykids

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