Student Essentials: Top 5 Apps to Simplify Life

The holiday decorations are packed away and Father Christmas has bid his farewell – it is officially January and we are back to the throws of regular life! For students, this means quickly getting out of holiday mode and back into the daily grind of long lectures, assignments and tight deadlines. When time is of the essence during this crucial time, smartphone apps are a saving grace in creating a simplified life. For all of you diligent learners, here are the top 5 smartphone apps that are sure to please every aspect of student life:

Health-Focused? MyFitnessPal


When chocolates, Christmas pudding and turkey have been the essence of your meals for the past two weeks, you may be one of the many looking to trim up a bit for the new year. If you are looking to track calories, save the nutritional info of your favourite meals and log fitness milestones, MyFitnessPal has you covered. This all-in-one app (which has the option to grab information from other fitness apps you may have) has an easy to use interface and keeps you accountable in every area of your health. The app is free and is one of the top rated calorie-counting apps available. Cheers to health!

Lacking Productivity? Wunderlist

I am the worlds best procrastinator, something that I’m going to battle head on this year! For people like me though, thankfully, the Wunderlist app exists to help keep on top of things, and would absolutely compliment the lifestyle of any busy student. More than just a basic calendar, Wunderlist is the organisational mastermind of lists, tasks, appointments, folders and notes. Team projects? Assign and share tasks with classmates to keep on top of things. This app is a breeze to sync between all of your devices, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting appointments. Wunderlist is guaranteed to improve your productivity and organisation in an easy to use app.

Starving? Hungry House

Student life doesn’t have to solely consist of microwave meals and stale Krispy Kreme doughnuts when you are in a time pinch. If you are looking for a hot meal but can’t peel your eyes away from your books long enough to cook, Hungry House is here to save the day. Decide what you are craving (Indian? Chinese? Italian?), scroll through loads of local restaurants, pick your meal, and bingo – your food will be delivered right to your place in no time. Hungry House remembers your favourite meals to make re-ordering a breeze, and offers live updates on your food’s journey from restaurant to your table.

Craving Knowledge? Duolingo

If your Spanish class is driving you up the wall with boredom, perhaps Duolingo will add a bit of zest back into learning another language. Duolingo turns learning into a colourful and fun experience fit for all ages. The app uses a game interface with short learning blocks to engage the user, and allows for your competitive side to come alive by inviting your friends to race through tests and challenges. One of the top Apple Apps of the Year, the best part of this little nugget of knowledge is that it is free to download!

In a Pinch? Scanner Pro

It happens – you forgot to scan your essay to your professor, and the library is now closed. Before resorting to a meltdown involving tears and perhaps a strong drink, download Scanner Pro to get your file uploaded in a pinch. Although many apps offer a free scanning feature, Scanner Pro offers incomparable quality of high resolution PDFs by auto-detecting borders and enhancing words and images for printout quality.

So whether you’re back to Uni for the Spring term or excitedly organising your place to start this September, check out these great Apps to make student life that little bit easier!

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