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So Spring is finally here at last. Thank God for that….I was getting a bit worried there at one stage…. must be some kind of joke by the weather dictators whoever they are! But this means I’m now wondering what to wear. Gone are all the summer garments of last year… shoved away somewhere to make room for the many jumpers and long sleeved thermals I seem to have acquired over this very long, cold winter! Summery shoes too squashed and dusty underneath all the boots etc in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Having to fish out said clothes I realise I don’t like the majority of them any more  They’re all horrible, don’t look right on me and why on earth did I buy them? I want some new ones.

Now, firstly, I love new clothes. I’m a sucker for all the new stuff that adorns the shop windows at the start of a new season. But I haven’t been wowed this year, probably because the thought of wearing any of it when it appeared back in February was well, laughable in all the SNOW!

Secondly, having four children who NEED new clothes because they’ve grown out of all their summer bits, sadly take priority which doesn’t leave much left in the pot for me. 🙁

How is that FAIR?!!!!!!

Actually, I really don’t need any new clothes. So why then do I WANT a whole new summer wardrobe?

Maybe it’s because it simply feels sooo good having something new to wear when the new season starts – It’s a woman thing isn’t it? (and I’m not categorising here). Women love to shop, we definitely get a buzz from it….we LOVE buying anything, especially clothes – for our children and even our spouse (occasionally!) but most of all, for ourselves! Yes, shopping is one of the reasons but what else?

Well we want to look nice of course, however, who are we trying to impress? Because it’s apparently a fact that 95% of MEN won’t remember if you’ve worn something before, or think that the item you’re wearing is ‘so last season darling’! I often buy things and tell my OH I’ve had them for years, to avoid the subsequent moaning about spending money on yet more clothes hehe – he believes me, doesn’t have a clue!

No, it’s not really men we want to impress, generally, it’s other women. A recent poll of 2000 women claimed that more than two thirds said they dress for compliments from their (girl) friends, or even from women they don’t know. We knew this already though didn’t we? I think it’s because women are much more tuned in and analytical of what other women are wearing; more appreciative of fashion or make-up and hair etc so a compliment from them means a huge deal – and makes us feel great!

But it can get a bit silly. It shouldn’t matter if we wear the same outfit to a social event TWICE should it? Umm…well yes. ‘I can’t wear THAT, I wore that the last time we went out with THEM!!!


Anyway, regardless of the reasons, I wanted some new clothes…. just one teeny weeny shiny new top?! Or Dress? Or jeans? Anything?! Last Sunday I masterminded a shopping trip to buy clothes for the kids, then of course I managed to wangle a few new things for myself too. From Zara. I love Zara, for me AND the kids, although I can’t justify buying everything from there…. I would if I could…..their little boys clothes are just to die for! Check out my fab new shirt, pictured, worn with leggings and my converse – gorgeous (the shirt, not me!!)

I did do a fashion faux pas though. I hadn’t tried anything on in the shop and when I extracted the lovely yellow (colour of the season you know!) jeans out of my bag to wear, I realised that perhaps I should’ve used the changing rooms….let’s just say they didn’t quite fit and looked hideous!


  1. Oh I get that in shops – last time I passed GAP I was lured in by a pair of lime green skinny jeans. Let’s just say they were a ‘bit on the snug side’ and made my legs look like tree trunks!
    I spied a really nice range of floral stuff in H&M the other day – I need to go back when I have more pennies!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe not good, yes that sounds just the same as these yellow ones – sometimes we can be a bit ‘I see I want’!!! Need to realise some things are just not made for us!!! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, much appreciated xxx

  2. Every time there’s an obvious weather change I get the shopping bug but my problem is similar to you, I have three mini’s who need new clothes constantly, so where does that leave me? Putting off to another day – always! I also often make the mistake of not trying something on, especially if I have a sleeping double buggy in toe – more of a ‘check size, pay and out!’ xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi there….I think we need to win the lottery or something so we can indulge ourselves in gorgeous new clothes without having to check the price tag for once!! How cool would that be?! Heaven!! xxxx

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