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I’m a firm believer in kids learning to swim. They must. It’s a life skill and of course it could ultimately save their life one day. If you can only afford one activity for your child then make it swimming.

Swimming is also fantastic for fitness, so in this era of fast food, obesity and kids spending more and more time sitting indoors on their various gadgets and tech, it’s possibly one of the most important things you could ever do for your child.

My Teen had lessons from the age of three. He loved it. There were times when he didn’t want to get in the water and we considered giving up but we persevered and ten years later he swam at the British Nationals!!! Although that’s a whole other story!

My Girl had been having lessons for a while which she was enjoying immensely, but they have had to stop for the time being because when she moved up a stage they clashed with gymnastics. She misses it and wants to start her lessons up again soon. It is difficult sometimes to keep up with all the activities that our kids want to do, in terms of both time and financially but maybe once the winter is over I’ll look into taking her back to swimming again.

So when we received an invitation to attend the ‘Learn to Swim with Speedo’ event we jumped at the opportunity.

We were promised that our little ones could join and be part of the Speedo Sea Squad for a magical swimming experience.

speedo invite1

Apart from being excited about going to this event, we also love travelling into Central London, which isn’t far from us, and we always enjoy jumping on the trains and tubes! It was being held in a pool at Imperial University, in the very swanky Kensington, which meant we could make a day of it!

The Speedo Swim Squad is a fantastic program created to get your babies and small children confident in the water. You MUST head over to the Speedo Sea Squad website as it is jam packed with fun, exciting activities for you to look through and try out yourself at your local pool. It’s colourful, child friendly and also has a special section for your little ones to play games.

Rebecca Adlington is there to talk you through the three different stages –

  1. Start Splashing
  2. Start Swimming
  3. Get Confident

There are up to 11 exercises in each stage for you to try so without even paying for lessons you could teach your child the basics yourself… or at the very least, have a lot of fun!

I have to say how very impressive this program is. It also gives you general water safety tips and suggestions of equipment you may need and can buy from their online store.

So back to the event, the pool at Imperial was all kitted out with floats, swimming aids and lots of swim teachers ready and waiting to give our children some one to one swim coaching!

swimming  lessons speedo

The pool – love the inflatables

Steve Parry at the Speedo event

My girl was raring to go but my little twins were slightly apprehensive, but rocking their Sea Squad armbands and mini kick boards look.
Meeting and chatting to ex Olympian Steve Parry was a highlight!

My Girl had an intensive swimming session which she loved, not many kids have the opportunity to have such attention to detail given and she benefited hugely from it. Her coach had her swimming much further than she ever has done before without stopping. She even did some diving to the bottom to collect the sea squad dive sticks! It’s safe to say she was pretty shattered afterwards but full of enthusiasm.

One on one coaching proved very informative and my girl came away with improved skills

One on one coaching proved very informative and my girl came away with improved skills

imperial university pool

My boys finally got in, with me when the pool was quieter. Both loved their Speedo Swim Squad goggles…. their first pair!

It’s always nice to get the twins in the water because, as with everything else they do, they’re always wary and nervous until they feel comfortable. I’ve recently started taking them myself to a local pool and they are beginning to enjoy swimming. I’d love them to have lessons as I believe it will help with their confidence but they aren’t ready just yet!

We stayed for a while in and around the pool and chatted to some of the lovely organisers before being invited for lunch. This gave me a chance to catch up with the other bloggers, one of which was the gorgeous Alice from An Essex Wife. It’s always nice to have a mingle, all the kids from the event had a lot of fun and played together – deciding who was going to take home one of the many, huge foil fish or sea creature balloons.

Having a bit of fun with the Speedo Sea Squad Photo Board!!

Having a bit of fun with the Speedo Sea Squad Photo Board!!

As if we hadn’t already had a super afternoon, a goodie bag was given to each of my children. This was no ordinary goodie bag, it had everything a child could need to go swimming; a rucksack, goggles, swimsuits, armbands, mini kick boards, toys and drawstring bag!

speedo kids swim aids

Packed goodie bags and fab goggles, very generous

The Speedo Learn to Swim event was fantastic and their initiative to get kids swimming is truly inspirational, the Speedo Sea Squad is something that all children can get involved in and I highly recommend checking out the Speedo Learn to Swim section on their website with your little ones to get them motivated!

If you fancy being in with a chance to win a goodie bag similar to the ones my kids were given on the day, just enter in to my fab giveaway below.

Best of Luck!


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  1. Claire Eadie says

    What a lovely blog, my 7 year old has just started swimming and passed his stage one, he can do 2 metres so far x

  2. love to win this so i can encourage my son to learn to swim

  3. Michele Elton says

    My daughter is 5 and because she doesn’t have very good vision is a little wary in the water, she will be starting swimming lessons after Christmas so this would be perfect for her. Lovely giveaway, thank you x

  4. linda curtis says

    this is great i think every child should learn to swim

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes they should and it’s such a shame that some can’t have lessons. Its expensive though and although schools do provide some it’s not enough at all!

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