Sore Throats and Runny Noses

Yes – the title says it all about this household right now.

I am full of a cold…. you know the ones that really bring you down, sore throat, banging headache, blocked nose, cough and runny eyes? It’s horrible.

But what has made it really awful this time round for me is that ALL of my children have it too! My twins have had it one after the other and my girl has it now which has meant at a time when all I want to do is sleep it off…. I’m getting no sleep at all because my kids are waking up during the night feeling unwell and being upset.

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Bless them. It’s horrible when children are ill, when you know exactly how they feel and apart from plying them with medicine and giving them lots of cuddles… there isn’t much we can do to make it all go away.

H (one of the twins) was in bed with us all night last night coughing and spluttering. He was so upset at one point I put the tv on in the bedroom, got him a baby bottle with water in and sat him up, just to break that cycle of coughing!! Then of course he relaxed again and fell asleep in a position that meant I had zero space to get comfy in!!! But I didn’t want to risk him waking up, resulting in him coughing again so I lay there perched on the edge of the bed!!!

I couldn’t breathe and desperately wanted to sleep. It’s a shame the twins are still in cotbeds otherwise I could’ve gone into H’s bed. I considered climbing into bed with my girl but she was coughing too. No, I had to stay put and suffer, trying to contain any coughing I may need to do which meant I was doing a dodgy cough down my nose!!!!!

Suffice to say I couldn’t move this morning when it was time to get up. I knew I wouldn’t be taking the kids to school so we had a extra hour in bed which was something but still…. for the lack of sleep I’ve had to put up with recently I need to sleep for a WEEK!!!

Influenza & its Treatment : #Influenza, also referred to as the #Flu, is a very infected illness that can strike the kids or adults of any age.

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I’m feeling like c**p today. Feeling sorry for myself…. getting no sympathy. Colds are a pest. It’s the sort of illness that isn’t taken seriously, if you say you have a cold it usually gives the impression that you’re not that ill…. it’s JUST a cold. But colds do really knock you out sometimes. And there is no cure, despite there being plenty of products that claim to help, you simply have to let it run it’s course.

My children are OK in themselves today. A blessing I guess. My daughter was flaked out all day yesterday which is awful for a parent to see, she isn’t ill very often so to see them all relatively happy and playing today is good. Got to keep dosing them up as they generally get worse as night time falls.

I really hope they sleep better tonight, for their sake and mine. I’m bloody knackered and need a good sleep!


  1. Oh no! Hope you are all feeling better soon!! It’s awful when you and the kids are ill….It always seems much more hard going! Hugs x

  2. I know what you mean, as they’re never taken seriously, but they can really knock you about. My son seems to get cold after cold after cold, but bless him, he soldiers on. And yep, us mums just have to keep on going and it can be so hard. Hope you’re all feeling better soon x

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