Some Modelling and some Digging at Willows Farm

willows farm

First of all, if you’ve read my blog before, you’d know that we frequent Willows Farm in Hertfordshire on a regular basis. It’s a great family day out, so much to see and do. They always have seasonal events running throughout year too which are lots of fun.

Coming up this month they are holding their annual Potato Shindig. We went last year and it’s brilliant! They have a great big field that they cultivate, which visitors can then dig up to reveal thousands of gorgeous fresh spuds. Each person is given a spade and bucket and is welcome to fill them up and take them home… for free!

willows farm

This year, Willows Activity Farm is marking 70 years since the end of World War II with its biggest ever Potato Shindig event, encouraging families to learn about the Dig For Victory campaign.

During wartime, a shortage of food led the government to promote the use of land such as gardens for growing vegetables under the famous ‘Dig For Victory’ slogan. To commemorate this campaign, Willows is giving children the chance learn about where their food comes from whilst enjoying getting their hands dirty digging for their dinner 🙂

I love this! I love the fact that Willows is marking this very special anniversary and encouraging people, children, to think about and remember those that lived through the war and of course those that fought for our freedom.

As you can see from the above photo, the publicity shots for this years event starred none other than yours truly…. that’s me and my beautiful kids right there! Dressed up as little World War 2 kids with their World War 2 hardworking Mum, digging to eat!

When I was asked if I’d like to take part in this, my first reaction was to consider if my shy boys would be up for it, when there were costumes to change into… hmm, this could be tricky! But I knew my daughter would love it and it meant getting to spend a day at Willows so of course I accepted!

On the day of the photo shoot, which took place last week….. it poured with rain! Typical, but it didn’t matter, the kids seemed excited so I had high hopes that the twins would participate.

And participate they did!

They put on their costumes without a single complaint and posed for many, many pictures. We managed to get a moment of dry weather but even when it started to rain again, they didn’t flinch! So proud…. and they looked absolutely adorable too. All of them! I even quite liked my own outfit 🙂

Here are some more of the photo’s that were taken that day…..

potatos at willows farm

We had a lovely time, it was a great experience so thank you to Willows and the PR team! The kids were such naturals I think I may need to find them an agent now 😉

After this, our 4 big bags of potatoes were put in reception ready for us to take home (they are delicious by the way, I’ve already cooked most of them!), while we spent the rest of the day having fun. The weather was awful so we spent the majority of the day in the indoor play area and had a yummy lunch. And of course, we couldn’t leave without seeing the animals and holding some guinea pigs!

willows farm

If you get the chance, make sure you head down to Willows for this special event, there are thousands of Picasso potatoes waiting to be harvested in the Potato Patch for those who want to dig for their own victory.

Open daily from 5 – 27 September, children can even try Willows’ new ‘Potato Fingers’ recipe – specially adapted from a dish served during the war. There’s also the new Big Dig sand & splash play area, potato arts and crafts or you can find Spuddy, the Potato Shindig mascot, performing in his own show at weekends.

For more information visit the Willows Farm website or follow @Willows_Farm on Twitter for all the latest news and updates.


  1. We love Willows farm, lovely pics!

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