Sleepover Misery

It’s always been a worry of mine whenever I have kids friends over for sleepovers… What if they’re ill? What would I do with an ill child in the middle of the  night? I especially have this worry at this time of year, you know, when all the sick bugs seem to be going around! I’m not sure I could stomach cleaning up sick that isn’t from my own child, eww, that would be horrendous. I’m bad enough when my own children are sick but I can just about cope with that… because I have to.

I’m not good with sick. There have been times in the past when a bug has arrived in our household and it has literally swept through the whole family, including extended family members that we may have come into contact with, and one by one they have been struck down with it. It’s scary. Spending a week or more watching everyone become ill is truly distressing, and exhausting, so I always pray the sickness passes us by every year. I also think I may have a slight phobia!

Anyway, this week my daughter was staying at her best friends house for a sleepover. I’m very good friends with her Mum and we were spending the day at her house, she has five children, including triplets and she did mention that one of the younger ones had been sick the night before but she thought it was something she’d eaten as it was over with pretty quickly. I decided to take my chances as my twins like to play with the triplets and I wanted to have a catch up. So we went over and stayed all afternoon.

I left my little girl there for a sleepover and the following day I was working. Now, as usually happens, I received a phone call to ask if she could stay over for a second night. A double sleepover! They often do this during the holidays. My daughter has been friends with this particular little girl since they were tiny and she has stayed over at her house many times, she is happy there and the family treat her like one of their own. I agreed, no problem.

But that night turned into a nightmare for everyone there.

The sickness from the younger sister wasn’t something she’d eaten, it was a bug. And my friend had three more children come down with it in the middle of the night, including my poor baby! I couldn’t believe it! My little girl was sick in someone else’s house, without me being there to help and comfort her… I can’t imagine how horrible that must’ve been for her.

Aside from my upset that my little girl was ill like that, I couldn’t help but feel so sorry for my friend and her husband who had practically zero sleep and spent the night cleaning up sick! Lots of it. The three kids were sick in the beds, on the carpet, on the bathroom floors….. everywhere. My idea of pure hell! She said they were fast running out of bedding, towels, disinfectant etc….

She informed me that my little girl seemed fine now (this was first thing in the morning when she called). She had called in the night but said my phone was off (I NEVER turn my phone off if my kids are out in case I’m needed so I have no idea why I if was off….. the one night I AM needed and I can’t be reached!). She considered calling me on the house phone but a) didn’t want to disturb the rest of my house and worry me and b) she managed to soothe my girl by cuddling her, something that she said she could only do because she was so used to her! She admitted if it was anyone else’s child she may not have been able to cope!

But my poor little girl. I just know she would’ve hated that….. not because it was my friend, she loves her but when kids are ill they just want their mummies don’t they? She must’ve wanted me so badly. I was so upset and distressed, I got dressed immediately and went to pick her up. Gas mask at the ready!

She was ok though at this point, she looked awful but was over the worst of it. I thanked my friend and felt so bad for her… guilty that she’d had all that to cope with! Although she was incredibly calm… took in all in her stride and wasn’t in the slightest bit stressed out. She’s bloody amazing! I would’ve been freaking out let me tell you!

My daughter managed a bit of toast when we got home so that was a good sign. I bathed her and put her to bed where she slept for hours.

She rested her head on my lap while I stroked her hair….. my poor baby

I have spent the rest of the day worrying about germs! I instructed the twins not to go to close to her, just in case! Although realistically I knew that if they were going to get it, they would’ve picked up germs anyway when we were at my friends house the other day but still, I am erring on the side of caution. Maybe they had missed it the other day but may now catch it from her! I am disinfecting everywhere.

And we are bracing ourselves……….

I spoke to my friend a little later that day who admitted she was still ‘going strong’ with the sick, poor thing…. another one of hers had started and my daughter’s friend was also still being sick. Gosh! At least my little girl seemed over the worst.

But now we play the waiting game….

Wish me luck!



  1. Oh no I feel your pain as I can’t bear sick either! I hope she is well and truly on the mend and no one else have caught it 🙂

  2. Oh dear, I’m not sure there’s anything worse than vomit, I tend to gag along with them, in-fact even the thought of sick makes me feel nauseous o_O

    I hope your little one is on the mend now

    Take care, Kimmie

  3. Oh no, fingers crossed it doesn’t spread to everyone else. I am the same, I hate being sick!

  4. Oh my goodness, that sounds horrendous. Hope your other littlies (and you!) manage to escape it! x

  5. ohhh no! What a great friend though. I hope your little one feels better soon. x

  6. Oh how awful for your daughter. I couldn’t bear the thought of my child at another persons house unwell! I feel your pain as well, I have never been good with sick and like you I deal with it because they are my kids. Not sure I could handle other kids sick!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  7. Your post bought a tear to my eye – luckily my 2 year old doesnt do sleep overs yet. But how will i cope with motherhood when she makes friends and wants to stay away for the night!! Let alone catch a bug. Your poor baby, hope you all stay bug free x

  8. How awful for everyone concerned. I never had a sleepover at anyone’s house when I was a child so I don’t know if I could let my daughter do one.

  9. Oh my word how horrid , I am not keen on sleep overs not even my kids are older.

  10. I would have wanted my friend to ring me no matter what time. I have to admit the boys have only ever slept out once!

  11. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    Oh that’s awful. I’ve had to collect my daughter from a sleepover before because she felt sick – I always say that the parent can call me at any time and i will be there and this particular time I picked her up around 11 with her pyjamas on and a sick bowl that the mum had given her. Equally, I’ve had to clean sick up from another child who was sick here on a sleepover – ugh x x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Urgh – I guess if you have to…. And yes I think she wanted to call but was in two minds as it was right in the middle of the night but obviously felt my girl was ok till the morning! My poor baby!!!

  12. OMG having yet to embark on sleepovers I hadn’t even thought about this. What an absolute nightmare – for everyone. This brought a lump to my throat at your little girl being ill without you there. It’s lucky she felt so comfortable with your friend and probably it was worse for your friends having to deal with all that sick. What a nightmare.

  13. Mummy cuddles does make everything better. It must have been horrible for both of you being apart like that. I hope she is feeling better now x

  14. Blimey! Good luck x x x

  15. I have had to deal with a sleepover child being sick……I think most kids are ok once they have actually been sick, its the lead up that the worst bit

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