Skate – At Somerset House

On Sunday we had our first ice skating outing of the season! And it was wonderful….

I love ice skating, especially in the run up to Christmas, there’s something very magical about it! We’ve been a few times before but never to Somerset House, so when I received an invite to the pre-opening of their Skate 2015 event, partnered with Fortnum & Mason, I was of course, over the moon!

I couldn’t wait to go.

Somerset House is renowed as being the most beautiful backdrop for ice skating in London and now I can see why. As soon as we arrived and glimpsed the enormous Christmas tree with the dazzling ice rink behind it and the handsome building surrounding it, I could really see what all the fuss is about.

skate at somerset houseIt’s stunning!

Security was tight and after I’d checked in my bag, we decided to have a little nosey at the Fortnum & Mason area. They have  taken over the West Wing of Somerset House for the second year running. It’s incredibly Christmassy and they will be showcasing not only their seasonal goods but the very best of their world-renowned products.

On the other side of the rink there is the lovely pop up Skate Lounge which offers a range of festive drinks and seasonal snacks, winter warmers and treats.

skate somerset houseEnjoying a hot chocolate and some mince pies in the Skate Lounge before heading onto the ice.

My twins were reluctant to skate. They haven’t been skating before but had both said they really wanted to try this year. Unfortunately, the separate infants ice skating rink which is usually open every year, wasn’t ready in time for this pre-opening skate! This is where the skate aids are that little ones hold on to as they skate round the ice rink. It will, however, be ready for opening day but for now, my twins had to decide whether to come onto the main rink with us, or watch!

They decided to watch so the OH stayed off the ice initially with the twins whilst myself, Teen and my girl booted up!

skate somerset houseTeen helping his little sister on with her skates!

It was great to finally get on the ice! It’s always a bit scary initially while one get used to the skates but it doesn’t take long to get into the swing! I absolutely love that feeling of skating outside in the Winter… feels so free and fresh!

ice skatesMe on the ice!

Teen is like a pro on the ice… he has no fear whatsoever and whizzes round at the speed of light! He was great with his little sister as we took it in turns to hold her hand!

somerset house

My daughter loved it! I must take this opportunity to mention the fantastic Ice Marshalls here at Somerset House. They were on hand to ensure everyone was ok and to help with the younger skaters, either by holding their hands, picking them up to give them a fast spin around the rink or simply to give them a little one to one help!

ice skating christmas

After a while O (one of my twins) decided he would ‘have a go’. On went his teeny weeny skates which I thought were sooo cute and on he came! H was still refusing but O, although nervous, really enjoyed it.

ice skating somerset house

The weather was unusually mild for this time of year and the ice was actually melting rapidly. Towards the end of our session it was almost like skating in a huge puddle! It didn’t affect the quality of skating but it did mean that if you fell over you’d be absolutely drenched!

Luckily, or should I say miraculously, none of us took a drop! We managed to come away unscathed and completely dry!

We had a fabulous morning at Somerset House. Such a great way to spend time together as a family. My friend Ruth, a blogger at was also there so it was fab to see her!

We will certainly be going back at some point during the Winter and next time, H says he definitely wants to join in!

Skate officially opens tomorrow, 18th November and is on until 10th January so do head down if you get the chance. Entrance fees start from £7.50.


  1. Claire Willmer says

    Wow it does look wonderful i have always loved ice skating! There is definitely something magical i cant wait to take our girls for their first time 🙂

  2. I’ve not taken the kids here. It looks wonderful.
    I’m taking Emmy skating at the Tower of London on Tuesday and can’t wait….she doesn’t know

  3. Aww looks like a great time was had!

  4. Hayley Mulgrove says

    Oh this looks like you have a amazing time

  5. We went Ice Skating at LaplandUK over the weekend and it was awesome! Somerset House looks spectacular though! I needed help getting my skates on..,as you can imagine being only small!! 😉 #WinChristmas #Santaslittlehelpers

  6. Looks like everyone had a fantastic day, my kids would have loved this.

  7. Stacey Leigh says

    This looks like so much fun, I’m going to look into a local ice rink this year. Pretty dangerous though with how clumsy I am! xx

  8. Looks like you all had a fab time!

  9. Oksana Fitzgerald says

    This looks amazing. I need to take my daughter there xx

  10. This looks great fun and looks so Christmassy we are taking our girls to see Elf in December thanks to a great review from another blog site and think now we will make a day of it and take them skating too, do you think it would be best to book in advance
    Hopefully the girls who are 4 and 8 will enjoy it, I’ve never tried ice skating either so I’m a little apprehensive and excited too so wish me luck

  11. It looks like so much fun!
    Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed this blog post x

  12. Aww I would love to go there one day. It looks such fun. I love Ice Skating.

  13. Jamie Edwards says

    It looks so fun! I’ve never been ice skating, determind to take my son this year, not sure how well i’ll get on as i’m about to give birth!

  14. alice lightning says

    wow looks amazing so much fun smiley faces lovely to see

  15. I am also a twin mummy! I have identical 3 year old boys! I think the ice skating looks wonderful, I am a huge fan of the festive period and just love seeing everything lit up! I have never been ice skating but think it looks pretty easy hahaha – not really! It looks very difficult! It looks like you had a great time! 🙂

  16. allison sullivan says

    i love to take our children ice skating they love it even the falling over bit too

  17. clare davies says

    it looks fab here! i havent been ice skating this year will have to go! looks so much fun! x

  18. lovely blog and thanks for the chance to win x x

  19. Emma Garratt says

    I’m very much looking forward to our first skate if he year too – it feelsnkikenforever since I last went x

  20. Alison Johnson says

    Never been ice skating before, but if I was to give it a go I think I’d like to try this out. It looks like brilliant fun & by all the smiles on everyones faces must feel wonderful!

  21. I am the worlds worst ice skater but I love it. This looks great!! xx

  22. What wonderful fun you all had would love to take my family there one day I am sure that is the scene too from somerset house which they used in my fave film love actually x

  23. Such a lovely post, I’d never even heard of Somerset House before this post, and must admit I thought reading the title, it was somewhere in Somerset, I would of never of guessed it to be London! My little boy has never been ice skating, he’s quite scared of trying things like that, however with a separate junior section, I may be able to persuade him to give it a go if we end up in the capital at all before Christmas! xx

  24. Love this time year with outside skating, makes me feel so festive. We’ve never been to Somerset house, we mostly go to Tower of London or History museum. Looks like you all had fun x

  25. This looks like it was awesome!

  26. That looks amazing. Love Somerset House. Think I need to wait until my two are a little bigger though. The only time we tried ice skating with them it was a disaster! #CountryKids

  27. What a beautiful place to spend the morning, it really does look like a magical Christmas experience. It’s great to see your teen helping his younger sister on the ice, she looks like she gained confidence by the end. It’s a shame the kiddies rink was closed but it’s great O was willing to give it a go anyway and enjoyed himself. Thanks for linking up with me on CountryKids and supporting me over the past year. Merry Christmas!

  28. That does look amazing, although I’m terrified of skating. Think I’d need to go with the marshall before I could ever take Monkey – lol. one day! #CountryKids

  29. Oh how fun! We went to Somerset House too last year, hoping to skate. But silly me, didn’t book online and of course, it was fully-booked and so busy by the time we got there. It was still lovely to watch though especially since the ambiance is so Chrismassy 😉 #countrykids

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