Silksleep Eye Mask – A Review

silksleep mask

As a mum of four I can honestly say I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights.

My oldest in now 14 so he doesn’t wake me up during the night anymore, more like keeps me awake when he decides to make a phone call at god knows what time, or has sleepovers in which he and his friends can’t seem to remember the meaning of the words ‘BE QUIET’!! Suffice to say his sleepovers are a rare occurrence these days.

My 8yr old daughter has never been a great sleeper. She often wakes during the night and gets in bed with us.

Then we have our darling little four yr old twins who found it terribly hard to self settle so the first two years of their life I don’t think I managed one full nights sleep! Luckily they aren’t too bad now but for us parents, the thought of that elusive, uninterrupted night’s sleep is something we can only dream of – if only we could manage to get a good enough nights sleep that is!!!

Enter the Silksleep Eye Mask. Silksleep are a British company based in West Sussex who make the most luxurious silk bedding, bed linen and accessories.

I don’t know about you but silk sheets to me are the ultimate status symbol. I always thought that you’d made it big if you have silk sheets!! It just screams opulence and extravagance! One can imagine celebrities and royalty being pampered with the softest, most expensive silk bedding!

But even though silk IS on the pricey side, I think us parents deserve to have a treat so why not indulge ourselves? I don’t have any silk sheets myself unfortunately, however Silksleep very kindly sent over one of their gorgeous silk eye masks for me to try out.

I have to admit, I have never slept with an eyemask on before so it was something new to me. The types I’ve come across in the past have been those rubbish ones that you get free on aeroplanes or in a hotel room! Not particularly glamorous!

This little beauty is in an entirely different league to those.


The eyemask comes in a cute little drawstring silk bag, making me feel as though I was opening an expensive item of jewellery….


Made from 100% pure Mulberry finest silk it is super soft, glamorous and feels devine

The advantages of eyemasks are that they are a simple way to aid sleep because they block out the light – be it morning light or, if you are a shift worker, daylight. You may want to steal forty winks in the middle of the afternoon when your children sleep… as any mummy knows this is an absolute MUST some days! Maybe you have a partner who likes a nightlight or you keep a light on in the hallway in case the children wake up – we do this.

Eyemasks can also benefit someone in very different circumstances, for example maybe you’re having a little stint in the hospital and need to rest. The brightness of the daylight or bright lights might prevent you from gaining that all important sleep and recovery time.

But not only that, wearing one can even help the mind and body shut down for sleep, which is great if you find that ‘falling asleep’ stage a little difficult.

Silksleep claim that the eyemask ‘helps the skin retain it’s moisture, reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eye’. Wow, sounds fabulous, this I just HAD to try!


The Silksleep mask is super soft and luxuriously padded. It has extra padding, as you can see here, to protect that delicate under eye area

Going to bed wearing the eyemask DID feel slightly alien but the thin strap and gorgeous silk made it very comfortable.

I was surprised it stayed on all night to be honest but it did and when I woke up from a good night’s sleep I DID feel rested and refreshed. Of course, my children didn’t wake up during the night which helped but not having the morning light that was screaming through the windows affect my eyes was a definite bonus.

I’ve worn the eyemask a couple of times now and it’s really lovely. I will be keeping it close at hand for any given sleep emergency, or when the summer months return and that morning light rudely creeps in at an ungodly hour!!

I can’t say if the eyemask reduced any wrinkles around the eye area, I would have to wear it every single night to truly report on this but my skin did feel soft and smooth.

Obviously the eyemask can’t stop your children needing you during the night or get you to bed any earlier when you have a mountain of things to do first, but if that little bit of a pampered feeling you get from wearing this gorgeous silk to bed, helps to relax and rest your body then it’s definitely worth it.

The Silksleep Eyemask retails at around £24 and comes in a variety of shades.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, however I was sent the eyemask in return for an honest review.

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