Silent Sunday – 15/02/15

Twins Valentines Lollipops



  1. Awwww hope they shared with mummy!

  2. That’s the cutest photo! My daughter had one of these lollipops from my mum.

  3. Now that’s the way to enjoy valentine’s day

  4. Awww belated Happy Vday =) #MySundayPhoto

  5. What cuties!

  6. Those are happy faces 🙂

  7. darrencoleshill308390132 says

    They look like little cuties but I bet they are cheeky too

    Thank you for linking up

  8. ourlittleescapades says

    Happy Valentines day x x

  9. Aww! What a happy faces!! Lovely photo x

  10. Such sweethearts – my children all declared they were all one another’s Valentines this year it was very cute!

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