Silent Sunday – 01/06/14







  1. Jesus! That is huge, I can do creepy crawlies but not snakes! #silentsunday

  2. Eek! That looks so scary! I don’t like snakes!

  3. The owner of that hand is so very brave #mysundayphoto

  4. Scary!! So brave of you – I am really petrified of snakes x

  5. That’s exciting (and a bit scary!).

  6. Wow – big snake! I rather like snakes as long as I know they are not poisonous.

  7. Wow what a beast. How big was it?

    Thank you for linking up

  8. wowza that look like a rather large snake!!!#MySundayPhoto

  9. Wow, what a fabulous picture. We have only ever seen one like that in an aquarium in France.

  10. Great photo! I’m not sure if it’s a huge snake or just the perspective – but it looks big!

  11. Woah now that’s a rather impressive snake 🙂

  12. Wow, what a gorgeous snake! There must be a very brave owner of that hand!

  13. Braver than me.

  14. Oh wow, great photo!

  15. Oh WOW that’s a big one! LOL

  16. Whoo great picture,,, eeek snakes scares me though, lol

  17. Is it an albino corn snake? My boys stroked one of those then held her when we were in Devon. Impressive snakes!

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