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We are going through a huge building project on our home at the moment. It’s going slowly and it’s making a mess.

When we moved here we decided not to do the place up because there was no point, knowing a big extension was planned but because the twins were small we decided to have a decent carpet fitted in the lounge. There was a strict no shoes policy in there for a while but it seems to be no longer in place and the results are well, noticeable shall we say!!!!

I became complacent, thinking the carpet would be ripped up any time soon but because of the difficulties with the build the carpet is going to have stay put for a little while longer and the state of it is driving me mad!! It’s beyond repair as far as I’m concerned in terms of cleaning and stain riddance.

A friend of mine keeps telling me to get a Rug Doctor!!! She absolutely swears by them, hiring them out regularly for her own home and almost forcing me to get one too. But until now, I haven’t. Not sure why, probably the lazy cow in me envisaging pushing this machine around the room… might as well get someone else in to do it, right? Not that I wanted to be forking out for a professional when my friend insists that I’ll get the same deep clean results with a Rug Doctor.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, would you believe it? I got an invite to pop along to a Rug Doctor event in London, whereby they were showcasing their famous carpet cleaner to bloggers so we could have a hands on experience of using one, and to get a glimpse at their brand new products!

Well, excited just doesn’t cover it!! (I don’t get out much!)

So what did I learn?

Well, I learnt that us Brits think our homes are cleaner than they probably are and that for most people, we simply don’t have enough time to spend on cleaning. I would include myself in this. I learnt that in general, as long as their home ‘looks’ clean… then people don’t mind if it really isn’t. A large percentage of Brits have, at some point, had someone or an animal poop, wee or be sick on their carpet and many admit to having sex on it!!! Not sounding so clean now!! Eww!

I was very keen to see the Rug Doctor up close and personal… I made the most of my chance to give it a go. I think you’ll agree from looking at the pictures that the results are simply astonishing!

rug doctor

The Rug Doctor is a bit on the heavy side but not overly so. You need to take a moment to familiarise yourself with it and to get comfortable. It feels a bit like mowing the lawn actually! Once you get into the flow of things, it’s very easy! Once you’ve added the special Rug Doctor cleaning fluid and water, which there are clear instructions for, you’re ready to go. You lift the front part up slightly to release the cleaning fluids then let it down and pull backwards while the powerful suction action deep cleans your carpet completely.

The carpet in the photos had been soiled with the kind of dirt that any house would find getting trodden into or spilled onto it’s carpets. Things like dirt/soil, coca cola etc… and just look at the transformation!!

It was truly remarkable what we were seeing.

The machine also comes with a hand tool which you can use to clean fabrics and upholstery. It’s very important not to forget these when giving your home a deep clean as it can prevent allergens building up, causing all sorts of unpleasant ailments.

rug doctor

Every new thing I saw I was totally blown away by. The effectiveness was utterly staggering. We even watched demonstrations of notoriously bad stains devils like red wine and cranberry juice being removed by some of the spray on and wipe clean Rug Doctor detergents that you can buy to keep under your kitchen sink for emergencies and spot cleans. These worked like magic, literally fizzing away the stain right before our eyes.

rug doctor stain


We were actually lucky enough to be given some bottles to take home. In fact, we could fill our boots and take as many as we could carry so I got one in a number of formulations…. there were bottles for urine clean up… great if you have small children and/or pets, odour eliminator, on the spot tough stain remover, fabric cleaner…. you name it, there was a bottle for it!!!

The Rug Doctor machines are for hire only and cost as little as £25 for a couple of days. You can pick them up in places like B&Q and in some larger Tesco’s stores, among other places. This is the best way to use them as these industrial machines are their most powerful. However, you CAN buy one to keep if you’d prefer… they are very costly though, worth it if course, but expensive and the spec is slightly different, not as powerful and they come in a blue colour… there is a very valid reason for this… and that is because people have been known to hire out the industrial machines (these only come in RED) then try to flog them on selling sites like Ebay. Of course it’s very easy to spot that this machine isn’t theirs to sell if it’s the red one!!

As a special sneaky peak exclusive… I can tell you that Rug Doctor are very pleased to introduce their brand new lightweight model which will be in shops in the very near future. This cleaner will be a lot easier to use around the home and whilst it isn’t a replacement for the professional quality you’d get from the hire out version, it is one you could use in between deep cleans. It has a long handle, and long tube, handy for cleaning difficult areas like the stairs or your car, and the hand held brush attachment has unique, moveable bristles to give even better cleaning.

new rug doctor machine

I have to say I am totally in awe of the Rug Doctor and all it’s products, which incidentally have been voted the top cleaning products in ‘Which’ reports for the past few years!

I am convinced that even MY carpet will scrub up like new with one of these and I cannot wait to get one home to try out!

Watch this space!

For further information on the Rug Doctor, please visit their website



  1. I couldn’t make the event do have been sent the industrial style machine to test. Unfortunately it hasn’t come with attachments to do the stairs, but I am so impressed with the results. Our carpets are rather old, all light beige and in shocking need of some TLC. The Rug Doctor has done a fab job, I’ve just got to type up my review in the week. I’m sold!

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