Robinson Crusoe – A Review

Robinson Crusoe movie

Last Sunday we headed into Leicester Square to watch a special preview of soon to be released kids movie Robinson Crusoe!

Normally I hear of films that are coming out, my children love a good animated feature film, but I didn’t hear of this as I don’t think it had been advertised yet!

It looked great thought when I checked it out online and we couldn’t wait to see it. I took my three kiddo’s along with my daughters’ friend who was incredibly excited!  She knows that we’ve been to a number of previews and premieres in the past so she was absolutely thrilled to be coming along with us this time… believe it or not, the two girls ARE in the same year at school!

We jumped on the train early so we could arrive in plenty of time to make the most of the fun in the foyer! It’s great that these events really do cater for kids well… it makes the occasion of being at the cinema feel special, and builds the excitement for the film itself.

In the foyer were all sorts of activities including face painting, balloon swords (or whatever you liked), arts and crafts.. as well as a real life parrot to see!

robinson crusoe

robinson crusoe movie

robinson crusoe movie

My twins modelling some of the funny masks of the characters of the movie…

robinson crusoe movie

There were a few celebrities in the foyer too who were there to see the film. I didn’t want to look like a groupie by asking for pics but suddenly my daughter’s friend went crazy when she spotted Linda Robson! She’s a huge fan of Birds of a Feather and was beside herself… completely starstruck! Of course I had to do the right thing and ask Linda Robson if she minded me taking a photo….. she was absolutely lovely and was more than willing…..

robinson crusoe linda robson

It really did make my daughter’s friends day! She was thrilled to bits! And doesn’t Linda Robson look amazing?

After some refreshments it was time to take our seats! The film was in 3D so we donned our glasses and settled down to watch!

The Verdict:

The first thing I just have to say about this film is…. the animation! I was literally blown away by it. I know animated films are brilliant these days, but this one…. well it was on another level. The sea looked REAL. I mean, it looked incredibly, amazingly real… to the point of me wanting to actually dive into it!

I’m sure most adults have heard of the Robinson Crusoe story (did you know the original story was written in 1719? I had no idea it was THAT old!) so you could probably guess that the film relates to a shipwreck and a Desert Island somewhere! And you’d be right. This one though has a parrot as one of the main characters… his name is Tuesday and he wants to know more about the world after only ever living on the Island where no humans had ever been. Cue Robinson Crusoe who finds himself shipwrecked on the Island and the two become friends… along with Tuesdays’ other adorable, quirky animal friends! But Robinson wasn’t the only one who survived…. two nasty, evil cats also managed to save themselves and soon they causing absolute havoc! Of course there’s the odd pirate too…

robinson crusoe review

robinson crusoe review

We loved this film! Crusoe is a gangly figure who is very awkward at first as he struggles to work out how to survive on the Island. But he’s ever so loveable and it’s wonderful to watch the friendship forming between him and the animals, especially Tuesday. The Cats are deliciously menacing. There’s lots of laugh out loud moments as you’d expect in a kids film. It also picks up a very fast pace as it drives towards the finish!

The music is great, there’s lots of stunning scenery and if you’re longing for a beach holiday somewhere beautiful this year (as I am) then this will just intensify that feeling!

Take a look at the trailer…

If you can’t wait for the film to be released… check out the new cutting edge Robsinson Crusoe website which offers a unique and interactive 360º experience immersing you in this colourful world, as you meet the characters, discover the island’s secrets, and interact with your environment. You can download character wallpapers, Facebook cover photos and colouring sheets, and head to the Apple or Android app store to get an exciting game that puts you in Robinson’s shoes as you build a home and negotiate survival in an exotic island paradise.

Robinson Crusoe is an absolute must see and opens in cinemas across the UK on 6th May 2016.

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