Roald Dahl Happy Readers at McDonald’s

A few years ago McDonald’s introduced books for the first time into their Happy Meals instead of toys. This pleased plenty of parents who, if they’re anything like me, have an abundance of plastic and furry McDonald’s toys filling up toy boxes at home.. thought it was good to get something different AND educational as well. My children enjoyed the books just as much as the toys I have to say.

Then along came the Roald Dahl collection of books which proved incredibly popular so now, to celebrate what would’ve been Roald Dahls 101st birthday, McDonald’s have introduced an exclusive series of his stories in books featuring his fantastical characters!

mcdonalds roald dahl books

Instead of the major stories like last time, the emphasis here is on one of the characters from the stories instead, like ‘Marvellous Miss Honey’ from Matilda, or ‘Lucky Charlie Bucket’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I think it’s so creative and gives the popular stories, which most children are familiar with anyway, a whole new twist!

There’s an excerpt from the original story which children can read but as well as this, and here’s the exciting bit, the books also have lots of fun little activity sections and stickers too, as well as a handy book mark that can be taken out and used to keep their places when reading!

There are eight books in total and my boys have already got started on some of them, which they are loving!

roald dahl books at mcdonalds

Mcdonalds happy readers

Peter Andre launched the campaign and can be seen in this cute Facebook video talking about the books with his children Princess and Junior, who are big Roald Dahl fans…

Having the books in mini format, small enough for the littlest hands, can really reignite your child’s interest in reading again. Sitting down with them and showing some enthusiasm as a parent, we could get even the most reluctant reader excited!

The books can be found at all McDonald’s restaurants with a Happy Meal, in a brand new fun box, for the next few weeks so be sure to try and grab them all!

roald dahl books mcdonalds campaign

McDonald’s Happy Readers is a partnership between them and Penguin Random House Children’s UK, the Roald Dahl Literary Estate and the National Literacy Trust.

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  1. These books look so awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      They’re great! So much packed into each one and they’re free!! Well as long as you buy a happy meal 😉

  2. Ronald Dahl was one of my favorite writers growing up! And the fact that his legacy lives on through generation after generation is so wonderful! Charlie and the Chocolate factory is by far my favorite!

  3. That sounds fantastic. I think I’m going to give McDonalds a go (I must admit not a huge fan of their brand lol) but for these books I might try it.

  4. Darn! My kiddies aren’t happy meal size anymore! This is a great move for McDonalds…at least in my opinion…and Roald Dahl books are awesome!! I may have to become a child for a day or two.

  5. I loved roald Dahl when I was a child. I remember even way back in year 3 reading willy wonka and the twits as well. I’m glad McDonald’s do educational things like this for children, far better than toys that get played with for 5 minutes

    Tasha x

  6. Oh such a good idea makes such a nice change as you say to the bits of plastic that usually end up in my bin!

  7. These books look amazing. I grew up with Roald Dahl books, and I can’t wait for my boy to be old enough to love them too!

  8. We have got these and Freddie loves it, the stickers are so good to aren’t they? I’m super pleased

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