RMHC Fundraising Day at McDonalds

This Saturday 22nd October see’s the biggest food retailer host an amazing charity fundraising event!

Did you know that McDonalds run the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC)? The chairty helps to keep families together and close to their children in hospital, by providing free accommodation and support.


Many families have to travel long distances so that their children can get the specialist or intensive care they need. Families who are looked after by RMHC can stay in the houses completely free of charge, for as long as they need.

I remember when my little H was in hospital overnight, in Great Ormond Street. Nothing too serious thank goodness but he did have to undergo a series of tests. Being Great Ormond Street, we had a special room with a bed for me so I could stay with him. But if he had to stay in for a long period I’m not sure that would’ve been possible. And if I lived miles away, what would happen then?

That’s why the RMHC charity is invaluable.

Below is a video with Jeff Brazier to show a real-life case of this….

The fundraising event is taking place at almost every restaurant throughout the country tomorrow – Saturday 22nd October, so that they can raise as much money as possible.

The day will be ‘jungle’ themed and they’ll be selling some adorable jungle-themed cuddly toys for just £2.50 at the kiosk, drive-thru window or front counter, with 100% of all proceeds going towards the charity.

RMCH mcdonalds charity

Last year McDonalds raised £3.9m raised in-store and via the donations box!

If you can, please head down to your local McDoanlds tomorrow (I bet many of you will be paying a visit anyway… I know I always end up in there if I’m out about with the kids and I will DEFINITELY be there tomorrow!) – and join in the fun. It will make a big difference to someone’s lives and you never know, you might just need to turn to the RMHC yourself one day.

Thanks so much

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