Qixels – A Review

Now that Christmas is officially on it’s way (sorry!), the kids TV channels are packed with commercials advertising all kinds of new toys. One of which my children have noted has been the one for Qixels!


We’ve had one to review recently and the kids have really loved it!

When it comes to buying toys, I think all parents would prefer to buy something a bit educational or crafty, so Qixels seems to be a good choice. It can easily fit into the ‘crafty’ category.

I think the first and obvious thing that sprung to mind when I first saw the toy, was that it looks like the Hama/Aqua Beads toys, which are aimed at girls. Qixels is aimed at boys. There’s a nod towards the Minecraft game too I think, with the colour scheme and the the fact that the ‘beads’ are square. They look like computer pixels, hence the name and you can build your very own pixel world!

My daughter played happily with this game though, if not more than the boys, so I would say it’s definitely universal.

qixelsKids couldn’t wait to rip open the box

Qixels, by Character, are ‘the cubes that fuse with a blast of water. Add the tray and templates to your Turbo Dryer then add Qixles to build your design! Spray with water then press and spin to dry your designs super fast! Simply Make, spray, play – no heat, no glue’.


So what’s in the box?

This particular pack which is priced at around the £19.99 mark comes with the following…

  • Instruction Booklet
  • Storage Tray for the beads
  • 500 Qixels Cubes
  • 1 Bag Tag and Thread
  • 2 Stands & Display Bases
  • 2 Plug in Accessories
  • 4 Design Templates
  • 1 Water Sprayer Bottle
  • 1 Turbo Dryer

qixels toys

The templates are great, the designs are simple to follow and the fact that there aren’t too many colours means nothing is too complicated and young children can make a picture without any help!

qixels character toys boys

Once the design is complete, you add some water to the little bottle and spray the Qixels picture. This activates the special built in glue. Then, instead of having to wait for the glue to set (as you would with similar products), Qixels has a special spin dryer that dries the image in seconds!


 qixelsSome of the finished designs!

There are enough cubes to make all of the designs but I would’ve liked more in this set. They do seem to run out pretty fast. You can buy the cubes separately though, along with different design templates… so we have made a date to go and purchase some more very soon!

This is a really fun way to spend time for the kids. Both my twins and my daughter have gone back to it again and again to get creative. Even Teen couldn’t resist having a little go (he made the sword in the above photo!) 😉

qixels game character toys

Qixels was given a big thumbs up in our house… so if you’re considering buying it for a present, or your child puts it on their Christmas list, then I would fully recommend. It’s available to buy at all the usual toy outlets now.



  1. Kat Glynn says

    I love creative toys! x

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