Proud Mummy Moments #1

My teen came home from school today and announced he had broken the all time school record for the 100m sprint race! Wahoo!!! So proud, so proud!!

I knew he was pretty fast at running. He’s recently been picked for the athletics team at school – something he’s over the moon about as it’s giving him a chance to really focus on a sport he has begun to fall in love with.

But it’s not his first love. His first love is Swimming.

My Proud Mummy Moments have been off the scale in the years that my Teen has gained his swimming achievements.

Max_breastroke (1)

Being the oldest of my four children, my teen and I have always had a special relationship and his swimming has been a big part of that. It was something he’d been into since he was around 3 years old when I took him for his first swimming lesson. It was always me that took him. His training became more intense when he joined a club and progressed, winning medals at gala’s…. qualifying for Counties then Regionals. I always ensured that having three smaller children wouldn’t come between my Boy and his sport. The OH would be working all week so he was happy to stay home with the little ones at the weekends when Teen and I were off at Gala’s. I loved those special me and him times. Sitting in the car together on the journeys laughing and talking. Watching him race. Me feeling sick if it was an important meet. Comforting him when he had his bad days. Screaming like mad when he won! Always supporting.

Those gala’s finally took us all over the Country and culminated last summer in Sheffield at the British Nationals when my boy swam his way to the final!


I don’t think I’ve ever felt such emotion and pride as that day.

Apart from the day he actually achieved his qualifying time for the Nationals. The times are so fast, achieving one was the pinnacle for any child swimmer and my Boy was only 13! His race was the 100m breaststroke. He had been hundreths of a second off the time for a while and we thought it just wasn’t going to happen. We were in South London at Crystal Palace swimming pool and all his hard work and discipline finally paid off…. he got what he’d dreamed of…his qualifying time! It just meant the world; the status it brought and the chance to swim at the Nationals – the ultimate accolade.

I cried buckets. The OH was at work that day so I’d had to take my other children…(things we do) my twins were in a double pram and it was a nightmare, which I think made the day even more special – My Teen focused and swam his little heart out.

I could go on and on about this subject but I won’t, not now.

My Teen has been out of swimming for about 7 months now because of an arm injury. It has been a difficult time for him (and me) but he hopes one day to be back at full training and competing. I’m not sure if that will happen – not at the same level anyway.

But, for now at least, he has found something to fill the void, just a little, that swimming has left…….


And I couldn’t be more proud if I tried! XXX


  1. How fantastic for you! There’s nothing quite like seeing your child achieve something pretty special….I always think that #proudmummymoments should be made into a monthly linky – we should be encouraged to share 🙂

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you much for reading and commenting. Ah yes our hearts simply burst with pride and not just at great achievements, at the simplest of things like our children just being the lovely little people they are (most of the time anyway hehe!)
      Maybe when I’m brave I could try hosting the PMM link myself!!! Xxxxx

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