Project 365 Week 8 – 2015

Continuing with my weekly link up to Project 365, a photo a day challenge for a whole year, hosted by The Boy and Me.

Half term.

I love the school holidays. I’ve said it a hundred times before and I’ll keep saying it! I just relish the time to slow down a bit and catch up with my children. Life is so busy, I feel as though school takes up too much of their time and takes them away from me for far too long. It’s our chance to just be.

Broken wrist rugbyDay 46 – Sunday 15th February – The week started off badly though, with Teen breaking his wrist again playing rugby. I was devastated. I could NOT believe it happened again, after doing the same thing this time last year 🙁

white rabbit petDay 47 – We spent most of the afternoon at the hospital with Teen, but I didn’t want to overload this post with broken wrist pics. So I chose this one instead. Bunny cuddles. My daughter’s pet rabbit, he’s so gorgeous!

pancake day Day 48 – Pancake Day. The kids favourite was chocolate spread but I prefer lemon and sugar, or just sugar…. yummy!

Day 49 – We went to see The Octonauts Live with a friend. I took my twins and she brought her triplets and older girl. We had a lovely day. This is H in the back of her car sandwiched between two of her girls! He wanted to sit ‘with the girls’ he said 😉

jigsawDay 50 – Had a day in today. Did a jigsaw puzzle… this was a difficult one, to be fair, for the kids anyway! It’s aimed at older kids/adults. I enjoyed it though…. it was actually very therapeutic!

Base Fashion Day 51 – Attended a blogging event over at Westfield Stratford, in East London. It was promote Base… a boys only fashion store, which I already knew and loved! Here are my boys modelling some of Base’s fab merchandise!

Day 52 – My Girl and H messing around. Think these glasses are off one of her Build A Bears ha! They always do this smile for photo’s!

Gutted the half term is over. All back to normal tomorrow… boo! Hope you all had a great week.

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  1. It sounds like a fun half term, well apart from the wrist breaking – I hope your son is OK. Your rabbit is so beautiful! Hope this morning’s back to school run went OK, it is horrible packing them back off to school again isn’t it.

  2. Hope your son’s wrist is better. The clothes from Base look fab. Sad I missed it.
    Wow – that rabbit is huge. 🙂
    I was dreading going back today too. Wasn’t so bad after all.

  3. I agree I use to love having mine off school, use to hate it that they spent half their waking day at school. I use to love doing jigsaw puzzles, they are quite relaxing.
    Twins are hard enough work, cant imagine how much hard work triplets must be in the first few years, hope you all had a good time.
    They look like they are enjoying their modelling day, love the jumpers.
    Laughed at the smiles, why can children not just smile normally?

  4. what a nightmare about the break. is it the same side?

    Your boys look adorable modelling

  5. Oh no, I hope the teen is doing okay! My husband broke his hand a couple of weekends ago… That rabbit is adorable, and I love the pic of your twins modelling those cool hoodies 🙂

  6. Gutted we couldn’t make the Base event, those tops look lovely. Sorry to hear about your son’s wrist – what a mightmare, hope it’s healing ok. Sorry this is late x

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