Project 365 Week 5 – 2015

So after the hectic craziness of last week and having to get the roof/house ready for the new roof arriving this Monday, by the end of the week things had eased off. Thank goodness. The roof is on, well the structure is anyway, but we’re still dealing with the aftermath that has been the mammoth clear up.

Other than that, I’ve attended two blogging events and got on with every day life!

Day 25 Sunday 25th January – Someone very kindly gave my daughter head lice! I always hate it when this happens but unfortunately it goes with the territory when kids go to school. Thankfully, I think I caught it very early, I only found one in her hair which meant no one else seems to have caught them. Eww. Drenched her hair with this mighty stuff and got rid – it’s the best product on the market I think.

Day 26 – The roof arrives….. it blocked up the road for a while. This was a very big day for us. All of these pieces had to be hoisted up and will take at least 4-5 days to fit.

Day 27 – My three gorgeous boys, love them so much! Here they are playing Skylanders on Teen’s XBox. It’s a game that Teen has outgrown really but he was enjoying playing it again, for the sake of his younger brothers.

Day 28 – I attended the Morrisons Nutmeg childrens clothing event. This was a fun ‘look book’ that we could play with to stick the clothes on the girl!

Day 29 – By the end of Thursday, the roof was up in all it’s glory! It’s took a lot to get the house to this stage. Such a relief .

Day 30 – A bit of bedroom jumping this week and Friday ended up with all three younger kids in bed together, their choice. Very cute they looked too with their mismash of favourite blankets, pillows etc….

Day 31 – The last day of January and it was freezing cold, but I had another event to attend over in East London. It was a Hot Pod Yoga session.. it was fun but much harder than I thought it would be! Here I am in the Hot Pod with my friend Jacinta from Jacintaz3.

Hope you’ve all had a good week 🙂

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  1. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great week x

  2. this product is fantastic its such a lifesaver , we have had to use it loads and its really does work first time x

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