Project 365 Week 4 – 2015

Project 365 – carrying on with my photo a day, every day for a whole year challenge.

This week hasn’t been great. I’ve been ill, with the flu. I literally felt as though I’d been hit by a train. It was the twins last week the twins were ill, Teen and I this week.

I’m rather late with this post so I’ll just get on with the photo’s.

Day 18 – We attended the Shaun the Sheep movie preview in London at an exclusive hotel. Lovely afternoon but I started to feel unwell later on with a cold. My head and nose hurt!

 Day 19 – I was feeling majorly rough. This is H who is lying on top of me here. I was on the sofa, not being able to move or lift my head up it hurt so much. He was cuddling me and fell asleep bless him.

Day 20 – I was feeling at my worst today, OH took the day off to look after the twins who were still off school with horrible coughs, and do the school run with my girl. I took this photo at the last minute after realising I hadn’t got one for today. This is some of the crap that we emptied out of our loft at the weekend, it’s now sitting nicely in the kids playroom! It’s all in preparation for our new roof being delivered next week! As you can see, much of it is already boxed and bagged ready for a car boot (which I never got round to doing)… I will go through it slowly and take most of it to a charity shop I think, or ebay it, if I can be bothered!

twinsDay 21 – The boys are back at school today. They wanted to stay at home and I felt bad taking them, it was freezing! I still felt ill but was marginally better than yesterday.

project 365Day 22 – My girl doing her homework.

no roofDay 23 – This is what our roof looks like at the moment.

Day 24 – Teen getting stuck in to some indoor preparations. Roof coming tomorrow and upstairs ceiling had to be temporarily replaced! Eek!


Hope you’ve all had a great week.
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  1. good grief with that major work going on in the house you so did not need to be ill. Thats a lot of stuff in your loft, but then if I took mine all out the loft it would be twice as much ( DH will throw nothing away).
    The boys cough will probably take a while to shift.
    Never believed in homework, surely school hours are enough.
    Commenting on behalf of Project 365 as well as myself.

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