Project 365 Week 2 – 2015

So week two done of Project 365, taking a photo a day for a year!

rugbyDay 4 – Sunday 4th January – Rugby match with Teen and my god it was freezing! The mist was hanging over the fields and I was so cold I couldn’t concentrate on the match at all! After half time I sneaked off to the car and put the heater on to warm my feet which were numb. Of course I missed a try that Teen made. Typical.

Day 5 – Last day of the Christmas holidays and we popped into town to pick up a few bits. The Christmas decorations were still there and they looked ever so pretty and serene. Almost looked out of place now that Christmas was over. The children sat on this sleigh and I seized the opportunity for a photo!

Day 6 –  Kids back to school. It was a real shock to the system I can tell you that much. My daughter has gymnastics on a Tuesday so we were cooking a quick dinner. Little hands helping here!

childrens haircutDay 7 – A much needed hair cut for the twins. They will only go to this salon, which is a bit pricier than everywhere else but it IS lovely and if it means they’ll sit and have their hair cut, then so be it!

Day 8 – Myself and two friends bagged some tickets for Cats at The Palladium. Nicole Sherzinger was starring (albeit a smaller role) and it was fabulous. We’d been out for dinner first and had a great night out!

Day 9 – Not the greatest of photo’s but we had some Panecotta from Christmas that we opened and dived into! Grabbed this photo after everyone had gone to bed and I realised I hadn’t taken one yet! Yikes, almost missed it! The cake was rather yummy though!

Day 10 – My beautiful boys, we had all just sat down ready to watch the new series of The Voice! Love it, and wasn’t Rita Ora amazing?

Hope you had a great week, see you here again next week for week 3!

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  1. Looks like a great week! Very envious of your trip to cats! It’s on my list of shows I’d love to see!

  2. I use to stand on the touchline and watch my ex play rugby, god knows why. Love those car seats in the barber. OOOhhh yum panecotte, but if I buy it I just over indulge in it.

  3. What a great hair salon, I have never seen the cars before, such a great way for children to sit still.

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