Project 365 Week 18 – 2015

Another full week of school and all week I really looked forward to the Bank Holiday. We had no plans for the three day break, which was utter bliss. We are usually busy but having no where to be was fab. The kids are more than happy at home, my youngest three play together really well and now that the weather is good, they are happy in the garden for hours. My twins are best buddies and when my daughter gets fed up with playing, she’ll go and do something like watch TV, go on her Kindle or play with her toys… she loves chilling! Teen is full on revising right now (1 week to go, aargh!) so making plans and going out without him didn’t feel right either.

On the subject of Teen. He returned to swimming this week after a long break following an injury. He swam competitively at National Level but decided to quit for good after much soul searching. There were a number of reasons. He pursued other sporting interests and even though he always missed swimming, I didn’t think he’d go back. He’s joined a different club and just wants to enjoy swimming again, with no plans for making a big National comeback any time soon!

Week 18

Day 116 Sunday 26th April – Teen’s first evening back at swim training. Not the greatest of photo’s but I was conscious to try and not get anyone else in the photo! He is training here with a snorkel!

Day 117 – I love these freckles! My twins have freckles just like mine when I was a little girl ūüôā

Day 118 – There was a ‘Learning Together’ morning¬†in¬†my twins class at school. I wasn’t working which meant I could help. I love being with them in their classroom…..¬†listening to them answer as the teacher takes the register (their little voices!), watching them interact with the other children.¬†It gives a good insight. There are lots of educational games to play and tasks to do which the children do in groups. This is O having a ‘go’ of the laptop!

Day 119 – The OH had the day off work so we went to collect the children together from school. They love this as Daddy doesn’t do the school run very often. We took them for a treat to a new ice cream and desserts establishment that’s recently opened nearby. The decor is glamorous and the desserts were to die for!

Day 120 РTeen had his two day GCSE Art exam this week. This was a piece that nearly made it in the coursework folder. Can you guess who it is?

Day 121 – My daughter has had this wobbly tooth a while now. It’s still not out! Hanging in now by a thread, literally!

Day 122 – I have started a new fitness regime. (Wish me luck) I’ve created my own little 10 minute routine that I can do at home to tone up. I’m also doing the 30 day squat challenge alongside… PLUS this! The couch to 5k. The first outing didn’t go well, Teen came with me the second time to motivate me! I’m determined to do it though! Going to write up a full report on this¬†at some point this week.

Hope you guys all had a fab week!

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  1. I glad he better looking forward to your fitness report

  2. what a fab drawing by the teen, that is some talent. Swimming at national level is a real dedication that requires a lot of hard work and determination, nice he was mature enough to make a decision on keeping going or not, could not have been easy.
    Fifi pulls out her wobbly teeth, she hates them like that and will pull and pull till they are out.
    I use to love going into the school when mine were young, and enjoyed being a parent helper.
    Thought about the couch to 5k mysef but we boobs are not deigned for running, walking 10-15 miles a week instead.

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