Project 365 Week 15 – 2015

First week of the school holidays and it began with Easter Sunday! The weather was pretty good too this week wasn’t it?

On Wednesday I drove up North to visit my Dad. We stayed a few days but had to be back so that Teen can attend some GCSE revision classes that are on at school during our second week of the holidays. We had a lovely time though and caught up with other family members and friends.

Day 95 Sunday 5th April – Easter Sunday. We organised a little Easter egg hunt in the garden. Here O and H are hunting in their PJ’s!

goatsDay 96 – Easter Monday. We had a day out to Willows Farm which is fab but was very busy, as I knew it would be! We saw lots of baby animals, including this gorgeous little baby goat sitting on the hay here!

Day 97 – Very busy today but we found time to make the Butternut squash Muffins that I wrote about last week.

sindy dollDay 98 – Packed the car up and set off on the long drive oop north! We all love visiting my Dad and staying with him in his lovely, cosy home. I have quite a few things there from childhood that my Dad has kept, or that I’ve told him not to get rid of. I have a few dolls, including this Sindy. There are lots of clothes too and my daughter loves playing with them when we visit. I’ve allowed her to bring this particular one, her favourite, home with us this time.

Day 99 – It was a beautiful day in Lancashire where we met up with friends for a picnic. We then went for a walk around this lovely area. It was amazing to feel the sun on my face again!

Day 100 – Another lovely day. Not as warm as yesterday but still too good to waste. We went to the park and walked by the river. My children and my nephew here were throwing stones in. Or ‘skimming’ …. as Teen was trying to demonstrate!

Day 101 – A quieter day today. We popped out for lunch to Pizza Express. Here are my beautiful boys sharing a yummy (plain) pizza! They even picked at this after H almost choked on some stringy cheese that hadn’t gone down properly! Scary for a moment but all was ok 🙂

We are back home now and looking forward to another week off school!

Hope you all had a great week 🙂

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