Project 365 Week 14 – 2015

‘Project 365’ – A weekly link up with The Boy and Me. A challenge whereby we take a photo a day, every single day for a whole year. I completed 2014 and enjoyed it so much I’m taking part again!

Week 14 already and it was the last week before the Easter holidays. School was winding down and I for one was counting down the days. Love the holidays, as I always say when a school holiday is approaching, but I do. Just nice to relax a little and enjoy the kids’ company. They are my favourite people after all 🙂

Day 88 Sunday 29th March – My twins had a party but they weren’t in the mood. We got there and they didn’t want to join in. They’re shy and do this regularly and normally I have the patience to deal with it but this day I didn’t. I had rushed around finding last minute presents for the birthday boy (a classmate) so I was less than amused to have my boys hiding behind my legs, literally trying to drag me out! I decided to leave, hoping this would make them change their mind but no. They were actually happy which annoyed me! I told them off. Then I felt guilty so I decided to take them to this particular branch of McDonalds on the way home which has a play area inside. They like it here and played for ages. They were ever so happy bless them.

Day 89 – Monday morning and two very tired children. Loving H’s bed head!

Day 90 – A Hotel Chocolat praline! Beyond delicious!

Day 91 – Exhausted after school on the way home. The upcoming holidays are needed!

Day 92 – A special delivery today. A hamper full of goodies to make a special recipe…. in association with Jamie Oliver and Moshi Monsters to celebrate the launch of Jamie Olivers new You Tube Channel. Post coming soon……

Day 93 – Good Friday and the first day of the Easter holidays for us. We were having a lazy day doing nothing! This made me chuckle seeing all four of my children having a joint game of Minecraft!

Day 94 – It was a bit of a disaster today. We were supposed to be seeing a kids show at the theatre in Greenwich to review but the trains were so severely disrupted we got there too late. Fed up we headed to Pizza Express before stopping off on the way home here in Leicester Square. This is the pop up Cinderella Exhibition which I really wanted to go to. Online tickets were sold out but I knew we could queue. Which we did for about an hour. The kids actually had fun in the queue with other children and the time went quickly. It was worth it, a fabulous exhibition with all the props and costumes from the new movie.

That’s it, hope you’re having a lovely Easter. See you next week!


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  1. Oh one of my friends went to the Cinderella exhibition and her photos were great! #project365

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