Project 365 Week 13 – 2015

My twins were off school most of this week. They had a cold. It started off reasonably bad on Sunday evening with a temperature, which turned into a bout of earache, a cough and left them with severe snotty noses. They weren’t THAT ill to be honest, they managed to play a bit and go on their beloved tablets a LOT, but they were in no fit state to go to school.

Not sure where to draw the line really on this. They could’ve gone back to school on Thursday but O had slept badly and they were both still having to have their noses wiped continuously so it wouldn’t have been nice for them to be at school. But they couldn’t stay off indefinitely and all kids go to school with colds don’t they? I just wanted to make sure my little lads were going to be ok though…. I couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in a classroom feeling under the weather… what’s the point in that? So I kept them off till Friday, and actually it was the right decision because they were happy to go in then, they were ready to go back.

Anyway, it was lucky because the OH was working at home this week which meant I didn’t have to cancel work but more importantly, I didn’t have to cancel a lunch date with friends on Tuesday 😉

My Week 13 in photo’s

paddington at the cinemaDay 81 Sunday 22nd March – I took O and H to the cinema this morning to see Paddington. Other parents are always telling me about the cheap tickets for family movies at Vue cinemas every weekend, so I thought I’d check it out! My daughter has seen Paddington but the boys and I haven’t so I booked it, only £1.75 EACH! Bargain! And we absolutely loved it – what a fabulous film. O and H laughed out loud at some bits! It was really nice being just the three of us. This pic is of H at the end of the film!

Day 82 – My daughter doing her 11+ revision. She’s only 9 but round here the kdis have to sit the secondary entrance exam the year before. I feel sorry for her, some of this work is quite challenging. It’s verbal reasoning which they don’t teach in schools and she gets frustrated with it!

Day 83 – I had a lunch date with friends today but before that I met one of my best friends here at her new house. She has downsized because she wanted a home that was in the perfect location which had an abundance of character. This cute little graded cottage is in the most beautiful village. I chuckled so much at her kitchen here! Look at the size of it! I loved it though. I thought it was amazingly old fashioned and quirky. Of course, they are having building work done soon to extend so this kitchen won’t be here then but I quite like it just the way it is!

Day 84  – My daughter’s class performed in a steel band show at school. It was so much better than I thought it was going to be. They were really good, they did a few numbers which must’ve taken a lot of practice. It sounded amazing!

Day 85 – My daughter seemed a little tired and fed up after school on Thursday. I didn’t have the twins with me (as they were at home) so I took her to the local coffee shop for a treat. We had a hot chocolate and a brownie each 🙂

Day 86 – I have weeks where I don’t do anything other than school runs and work, but this week it’s been lovely catching up with friends. Today, I visited another friend who has also just moved house. She is a mum of 5 and has just bought her ‘forever home’. This is it. It’s beyond beautiful. There is literally so much work to do but the house is so pretty and the surroundings are breathtaking. It has a riding school over the back of the garden and the horses come up to the fence. It has tennis courts, a huge outhouse that consists of a hall and spa, and it has stables! I love it and can’t wait to plot up here in the summer with my kids hehe!

Day 87 – I’ve just run a Hotel Chocolat competition on my blog and I’m reviewing this beauty! The praline chocs in this are the most delicious I’ve ever tasted!

I hope you had a fabulous week!

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  1. I have this problem too, I hate sending Emmy into school when she is poorly but then I get in trouble

  2. What some fantastic pictures, it looks like you had a wonderful week. x

  3. Your friend’s tiny kitchen is about the same size as mine! I didn’t realise Paddington was already on the cheap films. I’ll have to see if it is on at one of my local cinemas.

  4. I think too many parents send their children back to school too quickly after they are ill because of work pressures or because of school attendance pressures. Glad you got it right. I quite like the idea of a small, cute kitchen like your friend’s, but I know I’d soon get fed up.

  5. I hope the cold has long gone by now, ive just got over one and it wasn’t pleasant x

  6. It is a hard call sometimes for sure. Erin gets tired when she has a bad cold so school is pointless for her then.

  7. hot chocolate and a brownie – it sounds like a perfect choice 🙂

  8. We loved Paddington. It is a really lovely well made film. I love your friends kitchen and oh how wonderful to have a swimming pool, I would be a permanent visitor! My two go to school pretty much all the time unless they are really unwell

  9. I felt terribly guilty for keeping Isaac off school for so long when he was poorly but they do have these 48 hour rules for a reason Hope everyone is better soon and that chocolate would cheer me up

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