Project 365 and Diary Update Weeks 28 and 29 2014

Ok. So I have been slacking of late with the Project as it’s been a manic July, what with the Christmas in July’s and other events, plus end of term shenanigans it’s been non stop. But I am still taking photo’s and one day I might be organised enough to get my WEEKLY Project 365 post up on a Saturday rather than a two weeker whenever I get round to it!!

Project 365 is of course, a year long project of taking a photo a day, every single day for a whole year! Up to 200 days now so over half way now!

This post is for weeks 28 and 29 (obviously, the title gave it away!)… dates between Sunday 6th July and Saturday 19th July!

project 365

Day 187 – Our Lollibop boat trip. You can win tickets for the actual big event next month on my blog here. It’s a fantastic day out!

Day 188 – After school my twins usually pick some flowers for me in the school field. They usually consist of weeds or daisy’s but I love it, it’s so sweet!

Day 189 – One of the twins, this is H. He’s in my bed in the morning and don’t little ones always look so damn gorgeous when they’re sleeping?

Day 190 – This is one of the displays at the Lakeland Christmas in July event, they had some gorgeous products on show! I wanted them all!!

Day 191 – On a networking mission in Londons West End going on a Big Red Bus Tour!! It was an interesting evening…..

Day 192 – On Friday I was invited to a beauty event. I was knackered and wasn’t going to go as it was in the West End again but I made the effort and I’m so glad I did. They were a great bunch of people with some lovely products that I cannot wait to try out!

Day 193 – With my lovely blogging friend Afra from Mad Mum of 7 on our way to a ‘secret project’ meet up with Tots 100, all will be revealed in due course!

project 365

Day 194 – At the Pudsey Movie Premiere

Day 195 – My little O playing at the park after school

Day 196 – I was at the Argos Christmas in July event and met the lovely Emma Bunton for the 2nd time this year! Practically bessie mates now 😉

Day 197 – At the Amazon Christmas event… this little fella was highly entertaining.

Day 198 – Last but not least (I must be mad) I flew past the House of Fraser Christmas event, I had Teen with me on this day as he had already finished school. I can’t say he enjoyed it but they had some lovely products on show, I loved this perfume, it smelled divine and is exclusive to House of Fraser. It’s part of the AW2014 collection and I for one will be trotting down to bag myself a bottle very soon! You can have a look at their range here.

Day 199 – Matching mother and daughter shoes! Out jelly JuJu’s! I love mine, in white and my little girl has the sparkly transparent pair! Too cute!

Day 200 – Enjoying the weather in our pool at home!

Phew! Another two weeks have past in my life. It’s almost time to do week 30 but I didn’t want to bundle three weeks together in one post so this is a very late to the table two weeker!

I shall be back very soon with the next instalment!

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