Project 365 and Diary Update Weeks 25 & 26

It’s always difficult to round up two weeks because it seems ages ago when I look back on the photo’s! But here goes…

Week 25

It was all about the lead up to Friday and Britmums Live. I was ever so busy early on in the week that it was a mad rush to get everything ready and organised later on. But two outfits were purchased, the kids were sorted and I was ready!!

project 365

Sunday 15th June, Day 166 –  It was actually Fathers Day but I didn’t take any Fathers Day type photo’s! Instead we headed off to a summer fair at a local Independent school were my daughters friend attends. It was a lovely afternoon out and this photo is of my girl trying her hand at archery!

Day 167 – My twins made these chocolate spread sandwiches at school. Not sure what the occasion was and they look a bit squashed here but cute nevertheless!

Day 168 – Not a very clear photo but this was at an event I was invited along to in Central London, the launch of a new computer game for children.

Day 169 – Two A*’s for Teens English essays. I am ever so proud of him at the moment for his efforts in English as it’s a subject he’s always disliked. Long my the good work continue!

Day 170 – I LOVE little childrens’ feet. Well, MY childrens’ feet anyway, they are soooo damn cute! O was sitting on my lap with is little soft feet on mine so I just had to take a pic!

Day 171 – Britmums Live! The first day.

Day 172 – The gang! Me and my blogging buddies 🙂


Week 26

I was absolutely exhausted this week after my weekend! Travelling into London really does take it out of you and doing it two days on the trot?! Think I’m getting old!!

project 365

Day 173 – Because I hadn’t seen the kids for two days really, I wanted to spend some quality time with them on Sunday, so I took them to the park for a play!

Day 174 – My twins school trip.

Day 175 – My daughters hair for gymnastics!

Day 176 – Lovely warm day so we had ice lollies after school 🙂

Day 177 – I was invited along to Lords cricket ground, through work, for one of the new T20 Blast matches! It was fun, I’ve never been before, I don’t understand cricket at all and the last bit of the match was rained off but I was glad I went. The OH and the kids came too. Annoying though that the weather had been glorious all day but turned quite chilly that evening which, along with the rain, put a dampener on the event.

Day 178 – I had two events lined up on Friday in London. One for Andrex and the other for Rug Doctor – two cleaning related events lol. It was a major rush to fit both in during the school hours and I was slightly late getting back (thank god for friends at the school) but I enjoyed both events. Write ups to follow soon!

Day 179 – My three youngest were at a party on Saturday. It was a friend of mine’s little girl. It was a chance for us all to get together as I haven’t seen this particular set of friends for a while and we stayed well into the evening. Late night for the kids!! Oh well, it WAS Saturday night!


So that’s it. Rushing off now to join the others in the link up for Project 365 which is hosted by The Boy and Me.

I’ll be back next week with a week that looks as though it’s going to be jam packed with Christmas in July events. These are brands showcasing their new products that will be launched, yes you guessed it, at Christmas time!! I’m looking forward to getting a sneaky peak at all the goodies 🙂
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  1. Great pictures! Love day 166, great archery action shot!

  2. Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and sorry for the delay in commenting.

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