Project 365 and Diary Update Week 4

This week has been pretty uneventful (apart from Teen’s escapades but we won’t go into THAT again, if you haven’t read about it you should, just so you know what I mean!).

The weather has been awful. Rain and yet more rain.

I wanted to get out and about on my (borrowed) bike, practicing before my part in the #TeamHonk relay takes centre stage, but the constant rain put me off! I only hope the weather isn’t as bad this coming Tuesday, knowing my luck it’ll probably be worse!

I’ve also struggled yet again with getting up in the mornings this week, it’s been awful. I don’t ever remember being so bad, very early nights for me this week I think! The kids are just as bad though, it’s got to be the dark mornings…..roll on Spring!

Ok, now for the gallery… trying a different format on my second stab at Project 365! Let me know what you think.

Taking a photo a day is a lot harder than you think. I’ve had my camera in my bag, at the ready, every day but whipping it out and getting a shot of something when you’re not doing anything other than the school run every day, isn’t so easy!

Project 365

Day 26 – O and H at a party trying to spin a plate
Day 27 – A mess in my house
Day 28 – McDonalds for myself and Teen
Day 29 – A little selfie lol


Day 30 – My Girl is trying to learn her times tables
Day 31 – Lunch at the park
Day 32 (1st Feb) – No kids activities this Saturday, so nice lazy day watching nonsense on the iPad!

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  1. I like the watching of nonsense. plate spinning is not one you see too often, how well did it go?

  2. Sounds like you had a tough week Mrs – hope this one has been better. You’ll probably love getting in the fresh air once you’re there, I find it does wonders once I’m there. Did Sport Relief this week with an incredible bunch of people, amazing.

  3. Your selfie is a fabulous photograph, such a wonderful smile!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 (new linky live now).

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