Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Weeks 43 44 and 45

Project 365 is a photo a day, taken every single day for a whole year. I have another bumper three weeker today. The last few weeks have flown by, as they always do.

Week 43

Week 43 was a busy one and left me feeling exhausted. I really was chasing my tail this week.

project 365 2014 week 43Day 292 – Sunday 19th October – A lovely sunny day so I took the kiddies to the park, they rode their bikes. It’s nice to get out and make the most of the sunshine.

Day 293 – A meeting at Teen’s school 6th Form. Having a look around for next year. I can’t believe we’re doing this…. it seems 5 minutes ago that he started secondary school.

Day 294 – Another meeting at Teen’s school, this time it was to learn how we can help our children revise for their GCSE’s next summer. Learning how to mind map here, AND we were tested (hehe)! Quite an interesting and helpful evening.

Day 295 – O fell over at school on the playground bless him, banged and grazed his little forehead. Poor baby.

Day 296 – O and H have really got into colouring in and drawing lately. This makes me very happy.

Day 297 – A trip to Toys R Us and the obligatory ride around on one of their bikes/scooters (or whatever it is!)

Day 298 – My Girl at a gymnastics competition. She’s not doing it as much these days, the hours they were expecting were too long so we have cut back a little. But she still enjoys it very much.

Week 44

Week 44 was Half Term.  Started off great with a trip to London, but got progressively worse as the week wore on. My little girl became ill and we missed two blogging events at the end of the week, which would’ve been fun for the kids but we couldn’t go. My poor girl was so ill.

project 365 2014 week 44Day 299 – Sunday 26th October – Our rabbit.

Day 300 – Monday, first day of half term and we enjoyed a trip into London with friends. We had an event on board the Cutty Sark which was fun and we also enjoyed a ride on the Emirates Cable Cars. It was going dark by the time we reached the Tower of London but the sight of the poppies was still poignant.

Day 301 – Ringlets in  my daughters hair today! She was going to her friends house for a sleepover and wanted curls!

Day 302 – O and H climbed into bed with me every morning of the holidays (which I love) and they cuddle me and each other…. so adorable.

Day 303 – My poor unwell little girl. She had been sick at her sleepover the night before and just wanted Mummy cuddles today.

Day 304 – Halloween, but we didn’t celebrate this year. My Girl was still unwell and my twins weren’t bothered so we cancelled it! Here is H at a friends bowling party… a fun day was had anyway!

Day 305 – Last minute shopping on Saturday for Teens upcoming birthday. Stopped off for a hot chocolate break in Costa 🙂

Week 45

Week 45 and all was not well. I came down with my daughter sickness on Sunday, which also meant we had to cancel another fab blogging event. We had been invited to the Premiere of Christmas film, Nativity 3, which all four of my children were looking forward to immensely. In other news, all back to school for the kids and back to normality.

project 365 week 45Day 306 – Sunday 2nd November – This was the day I felt at my worst and was in bed from lunchtime. Yuk. This is a photo from later in the week that I have used, I’m sure no one will mind that it wasn’t taken on the day and will let me off just this once!! My little girl bit her gingerbread man into the shape of a heart for me 🙂

Day 307 – Monday was Teen’s 16th birthday.

Day 308 – Bonfire night and sparkler fun.

Day 309 – Wednesday I nipped into my local town as I needed to get a few bits and on the spur of the moment I bagged myself a brand new haircut. I was feeling a little down after being unwell and needed cheering up. I had quite a lot of hair cut off and a fringe cut in, so quite dramatic. Not a great photo, admittedly.

Day 310 – Thursday I was at the Next Spring 2015 event.

Day 311 – Another little flower that one of my boys picked for me at school pick up time.

Day 312 – Taste testing event for the new kids range at Ocado!


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  1. ooh can’t wait to see the new haircut in person. It looks great from what I can see in the photo.

    Sounds like you go to so many great events – hopefully we will catch up with you at one soon x

  2. What a busy time you’ve had! Hope little one’s head is all better now.

  3. You Baby Me Mummy says

    Looks like lots of fun times! You have been really busy x

  4. Of all the activities you have mentioned, I must admit, I love holiday cuddles too! It’s justlovely not having to rush about for a little while!

  5. nessjibberjabberuk says

    Some of these are very familiar scenes to me including the scooter riding round the toy shop!

  6. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I always end up giving up with Project 365 around March time – well done for keeping going all year x x

  7. Looks like a busy couple of weeks – Happy Birthday sweet 16 😉

  8. what a great week except for the bumped head

  9. Oh dear – what a bump on the noggin! Hope he’s okay now!

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