Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Weeks 31 and 32

This is another two weeker again. I know I’m a little behind with this project but as I said on a previous post, I am still taking photo’s so I’ll keep going in my own time for now 🙂

Week 31

This was going into the second week of the school holidays and the main thing to note I guess is that I travelled up to Lancashire to visit my Dad. I love going there. The kids love going there and we always have a lovely time.

project 365

Day 208 – Sunday 27th July – This photo was taken on a walk near our home. I love the light the sun is creating around my daughters hair

Day 209 – We went round to the twins little friends house for a tea party as it was his birthday

Day 210 – Drove up my Dad’s. The kids wasted no time in getting out in his garden collecting caterpillars

Day 211 – Three youngest chilling out with my Dad’s dog who they adore

Day 212 – We took a trip into Manchester to visit the Legoland Discovery Centre

Day 213 – An evening selfie with my boys whilst cuddling up

Day 214 – Teen and I in Costa. Going for a coffee just the two of us is something we have started doing regularly now. He loves it!

Week 32

 project 365

 Day 215 – Sunday 3rd August – We went to visit a local fair which was 1940’s inspired. There were people dressed up and they had this magnificent array of tanks and war memorabilia

Day 216 – A thoroughly enjoyable day trip to Blackpool. We spent most of the day on the Pleasure Beach amusement park but this was taken on the actual beach, with the Blackpool Tower in the distance

Day 217 – Another fair ground but this time a more modern one!! My daughter and her cousin

Day 218 – The kids played in my Dads garden before we set off for home. My daughter here showing off her gymnastics skills.

Day 219 – This was our Dentist visit day. We went to the park afterwards as a treat and met up with friends

Day 220 – My daughter practising her gymnastics, she’d been off for over a week which meant she was eager to get back!

Day 221 – Blogstock! A festival for bloggers!

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