Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 48

So Project 365, a photo a day, every day for a whole year, is now on Week 48! We’re getting there.. only four more weeks left of 2014!

I think this year has flown by, as does every year but as I get older, the faster the years go by, which is frightening.

It felt decidedly colder this week, but the excitement of Christmas is building and I’ve made a small start on my Christmas shopping. I have been incredibly busy at work, which is great but struggling to find enough hours in the week to do everything I need to do. I’m desperately trying to keep some calm at home amidst extensive clearing out of old clothes, toys and general possessions! Our house isn’t exactly small but we simply don’t have anywhere to put anything any more, and with the imminent, undeniable arrival of more toys this Christmas, it is imperative we make some room!

Anyway, here is my Week 48 in pictures.

Week 48

project 365

Day 327 – Sunday 24th November – It was a mega lazy day for us today. I got nothing done and was rather annoyed with myself! I did manage to take a pic of this beautiful sunset though 🙂

Day 328 – My little boy, O was awarded the very prestigious Star of the Week at school. Bless him. He was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing actually, but I was proud as punch!

Day 329 – The hats and mittens made their first appearance of the Winter!

Day 330 – My sister in law had her first baby this week, and this was the first time we met him! A gorgeous baby boy who as yet, still has no name!

Day 331 – Teens girlfriend was round tonight. My younger three adore her (as do I), as this photo shows… my girl always wants to do her hair and she makes lots of fuss of the twins, which they lap up!

Day 332 – A kids party after school! My boys with a classmate!

Day 333 – We went to the X-Factor! A friend of mine was given the tickets from one of her friends, she could’ve had any show but decided to see the dress rehearsal as this was the only one that kids were allowed to watch! My daughter here, we loved it, it was amazing! All the acts sounded much better live, it was a real treat.

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.


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