Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 47

Week 47. Christmas is creeping up and I have yet to start my Christmas shopping. Really need to get cracking with all that.

For now though, here is my week in pictures!

project 365 week 47

Day 320 – Sunday 17th November – I spent the afternoon sorting out stuff to go on Ebay. I have so many things to get rid of so I began by clumping items together to list. This little set of dolls might come in handy for someone’s Christmas!

Day 321 – O and H have recently started to improve their reading skills. That is, they’re starting to ‘blend’ their letters together and managing to read a lot of words. Reading for us all has become a more enjoyable experience now, instead of a torturous nightmare! O received this in his school bag today! I was ever so proud 🙂

Day 322 – My daughter’s new gymnastics leotard arrived today! She was practically waiting by the letterbox for it!

Day 323 – The twins still like to run around on the field after school while we wait for my daughter but it’s far too muddy now and I think it’s time to pull the plug on it for this year! I’m having to scrape thick mud off their shoes before they climb into the car!

Day 324 – Another Thursday, another press event. This time for the Clarks shoes kids range for Spring/Summer 15. Some gorgeous items on display.

Day 325 – Minecraft playing!

Day 326 – A blogging event at Virgin Active. My daughter took part in a fitness class as part of a new initiative the centres are rolling out to help teach children of all ages the important of being fit and healthy. We went for a swim afterwards together and had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.

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