Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 46

Not long to go now until the end of the year and the end of Project 365 for 2014. Taking a photo a day has been way more difficult than I imagined and I love getting the old iPhone out at every opportunity, but ensuring a photo has been taken every single day is not easy when I’m extremely busy and not doing something that immediately makes me reach for the camera! This project has made me a lot more aware of photo’s and making the most of any mundane situation! As you have probably noticed over the weeks!! There’s been lots of very mundane images over the year but hey, that’s what it’s all about really. This is real life.

I’m immensely proud I’ve got this far, considering many people have dropped out of the project because of the reasons I’ve mentioned, and I’m absolutely determined to finish the year!

So, week 46. What have we been doing this week? Well I’ve been working, I’ve been doing the school runs, I’ve been helping with homework, I’ve been shopping, I’ve been to a blogging event, I’ve been keeping on top of the household chores and duties and I’ve been hounding Teen to revise. Just a usual week in the life of me then!

Week 46

project 365 week 46 2014Day 313 – Sunday 9th November – Dinner at Nannie’s house and H cuddling her lovely little doggie.

Day 314 – The twins have started library again at school after the half term and H brought this book home. It’s a technology book with tiny writing and lots of scientific facts. Perfect for a 5yr old, NOT! How the hell was he supposed to read THAT?!! Ridiculous that he wasn’t coaxed into choosing something more suitable.

Day 315 – O and H in their new winter coats from Next.

Day 316 – All three of my boys were snuggling up in bed after school watching The Lego Movie on DVD. Aww I love seeing them like this, so cuddly and cosy when it was wet and miserable outside. My girl was having fun at her school disco!

Day 317 – Thursday seems to be events day! Next was last week, today it was Mothercare. I always have a lovely time with the Mothercare team so I like to make sure I can attend. This photo shows some of the amazing Little Bird range by Jools Oliver. So retro and gorgeous.

Day 318 – Children in Need day at school and the infants could go in dressed in spots or as superheroes. Here are my two dressed as Iron Man and Spiderman!

Day 319 – Saturday was spent looking at a couple of Colleges for Teen for next year. At the moment he’s planning to stay on at school for 6th form but he is keeping his options open and finding out what Colleges have to offer. It was an interesting day. OH was working so the younger ones tagged along. Grabbed this shot in McDonalds where we stopped off for a quick lunch!

Hope you’ve all had a good week! Back next week with more Project 365.
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  1. I’ve really enjoyed following Project 365 and I’m very impressed with everyone who has got this far! Well done, you! t’s a lovely way to document the year.

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