Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 24

So week 24 kicked off on Sunday with my daughters birthday party. She went ice skating. I took so many photo’s it’s rather difficult to choose just one but thought I’d go with this as my daughter looks so happy in this with her cousin, they’re the same age!


Day 159 – Cousins


 Day 160 – One of our after school trips to the park this week!


Day 161 – My twins reading books from school. They’re in reception and they’ve just recently moved up a level, haven’t got a clue why because they can’t read at all!


 Day 162 – Another party, this time it was daughters friend and it was a laser party! My daughter hasn’t been to one before, it’s not really her thing so I guess she was a little apprehensive! This is her on the left, she’s the smallest in her year so this big heavy firing vest and gun weighed her down!! She loved it though 🙂


 Day 163 – Had to nip into town to grab a birthday present so I managed a quick photo whilst the kids were on these little machine rides! I try to avoid them and the subsequent pound coins I always lose to them – gits!!! Thursday also saw the start of the World Cup, we watched the opening ceremony and the first game between Brazil and Croatia.


 Day 164 – Another birthday, my little niece and this is her cake! God it was yummy – it was made from Aero chocolate and those balls on top were Aero bubbles… delish!!


Day 165 – Bit of a rubbishy photo but it was a case of last minute fumble for something and this is what I came up with! Well it’s being patriotic isn’t it? Gutted we lost though :-/



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  1. Busy week of birthdays! That cake looks amazing 🙂

    I hate those money sucking machines too – I must admit I normally tell the kids they’re broken, is that wrong…? Don’t think I’ll be able to get away with it for much longer though, Sebastian is getting far too savvy!

  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! I like ice skating and would like my little one to try it in the future as i never had a chance myself

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you… and you should, it’s fun, although very tricky to get the hang of at first!! 🙂

  3. My son loves laser parties – glad she enjoyed it after all. The cake looks yummy, and I really love the pic of your daughter and her cousin – gorgeous.

  4. Happy birthday little one! What lovely smiles x

  5. What a fun week full of parties! Love the look of the chocolate cake.

  6. What a week, Birthdays are bittersweet as they grow so fast. Mini turns eight next week

  7. Happy Birthday to you daughter, doesn’t time fly! She looks like a little ray of sunshine.

  8. I think in Reception the early books are as much about understanding the concept of books – sounds like they are making good progress 🙂

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I’m sure they do a lot more at school when they have to and they’re in the right environment, but at home they aren’t interested… they just want me to read to them and almost get stroppy if I ask them to try!!! x

  9. What a busy week with birthdays you’ve had. Hope you get a break from them now.

  10. Wow, you’ve had a party – tastic week, haven’t you! Hope the twins enjoy their new reading books!

  11. happy birthday to your daughter , hope she had a great day

  12. What a busy week. I hate those rides too and spend far too much on them and they last only about 30 seconds!

  13. Looks like a fun week. I love laser quest, I’m trying to persuade the kids that they need to go so that I can have another go at it 🙂

  14. It’s been birthday-tastic at our house too these last couple of weeks. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  15. Your daughter certainly looks super happy and like she’s having fun with her cousin! x

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