Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 23

 Day 152 – My hayfever has been playing up this week. On Sunday I wanted to scratch my face off…. my eyes and nose were so bloody itchy! I usually buy any type of hayfever tablet as they all work pretty good if taken properly, but this week I ended up getting a nose spray too things were so bad! It seems to be under control now thank god!


 Day 153 – Welcome to my utility room. Piles of washing I was still getting through from my Butlins break!


 Day 154 – Beautiful poppies. Right at the end of my daughters school field there is a kind of ‘wild’ area and these poppies have sprung up! I love poppies they are my favourite flowers, they remind me of my daughter because she was born in June and these were everywhere at that special time!

Day 155 – Tutor time! Around here we have the dreaded 11+ exam as the demand for the very good high schools in the area is fierce, so I’ve decided, reluctantly, to hire a tutor for my daughter who will take the exam at the start of year 6, just over 16 months time.  She’s only been to a couple of sessions but already I can see how beneficial it’s going to be, not just for the exam but for her confidence in her school work too.


Day 156 – It’s the eve of my daughters birthday. Thursday night and I took this before I went to bed… her birthday balloon… I get one of these every year!


Day 157 – Yay my little girl’s birthday! Some of her presents ready to open! She had everything she asked for and more. Her main present was a practice gymnastics beam!! I’ll post a pic of that next week!

20140607-230535.jpgDay 158 – Saturday night and rock n roll! Not!! No, I’m getting organised for my girls party tomorrow. Party bags at the ready, waiting to be filled!

So that’s it, another week complete. Obviously, as I mentioned in my previous post, this week has revolved around my lovely little girls birthday! I do love my children having parties but I find them stressful, the pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly when you have the school friends and their parents watching your every move is immense!! You want to make everything perfect, well I do and in previous years I’ve been known to go over the top! I’m usually glad when it’s all over though! We haven’t got as many coming this year because the ice skating states no more than 10, so it should be relatively easy.

In the morning I’m going to get up nice and early and attempt to make the cupcakes for the party! I ALWAYS have a cake specially made so this is very new to me! Eek…I don’t know what I’ve let myself in for!! Hope I don’t bugger them up!!

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  1. Hope she had a wonderful birthday. A beautiful poppy photo. #365

  2. Love the poppies, pah to the hay fever and Happy Birthday

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