Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Week 10

Just a reminder that Project 365 is a global photography link up whereby participants take a photo a day, every day, for a whole year and post it back to wherever they link it up to! For us bloggers, we link up with The Boy and Me blog and usually post them weekly.

We are currently on week 10 of this year….. can you believe that? Ten weeks into 2014 already and Spring has sprung! It’s Sunday today and the weather has been glorious hasn’t it? Definitely puts a ‘spring’ in the old step! Boom boom 😉

So this week started off with us heading off to Teen’s new rugby club. I say new, but it’s his first ever rugby club. He’s always been a swimmer so when I was standing on the touchline, cold, I was wondering how on earth I ended up there!

All those years of cheering him on in the spectators gallery of a sweltering hot swimming pool somewhere, I never would’ve believed you if you’d told me at 15 my son would take up rugby instead!!

But I enjoyed it. I adore my Teen and I’m always a proud Mummy watching him, whatever he’s doing!

Day 61 Sunday

Day 61 Sunday 2nd March – Teen at the front here, loves rugby. He has only been playing seriously since last September on the school team, but has already made the team in this new club where he’s trained for only one week!

school kids

Day 62 – My three youngest walking through the school grounds after school. My twins and my Girl get on so well, they adore her and wanted to hold her hand. Had to take a picture, it was so lovely!

Day 63 - Pancake day! My favourites without a doubt are sugar and lemon... so yum. My kids and OH enjoyed them spread with Nutella.

Day 63 – Pancake day! I’d actually forgotten to take some photo’s (I still can’t get used to thinking about a photo every single day lol), I remembered when they’d practically all gone apart from this scruffy one which had Nutella inside. My favourite was sugar and lemon… so yum.


Day 64 – Helping with my twins reception class again. Learning initiatives, it’s a chance for parents to be hands on with some of the learning through play activities! I enjoy helping with my boys class and do so as often as I can. In the past with my older two children it was difficult to offer help as I always had a baby/toddler at home which made it impossible, so I’m making up for it now!

Day 65 - My little O was posing with some goodies we were sent from Asda to review! His little face in this photo is adorable!

Day 65 – My little O was posing with some goodies we were sent from Asda to review! His little face in this photo is adorable, I love it!


Day 66 – This was such a beautiful moment. Sitting on the office chair, H rubbing O’s arms to ‘warm him up’ as he’d complained he was cold! Awwww……..

Day 67 – Being a twin has it’s advantages.. you can do this down the slide! Saturday was the beginning of a weather change, lovely sunny day, almost warm but not quite… unlike glorious Sunday, but that’ll be in next weeks project 🙂

So there we have it. Week 10 of 2014 done and dusted. I’m really enjoying Project 365, it’s got me thinking a lot more about photography. At the moment I’m using a mixture of iPhone pics (you can probably tell!) and normal camera pics but I’m now looking into purchasing my first DSLR. The twins’ TA is an amateur photographer who is going to help me in the minefield that is camera choosing! Watch this space…. Oh, of course I’ll have to save up first 🙂

How was your week?

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  1. I have to say that your pancakes win the competition for me – they look scrumptious! Such a privilege to watch our kids doing something they love isn’t it? Great picture of the Teen.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Really? I’m a but rubbish in the kitchen, everything is thrown together usually lol and it wasn’t any different for the pancakes! Yes, love watching my Teen, in disbelief sometimes at how big he’s grown! x

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