Pop Chef – A Review

Anything that makes kids enjoy and want to eat their food HAS to be good in my book! This new product on the market, The Pop Chef by Character promises to be a fun, easy to use gadget that cuts shapes into all kinds of food.

My children were very eager to try this out and actually, we unpacked the box hurriedly before I realised we hadn’t had a supermarket shop done recently so there wasn’t ample amounts of variety in terms of food to use but that didn’t stop us!

What’s in the box?

The Pop Chef came with

The Pop Chef came complete with the ‘push out’ pump and six shaped attachments; a flower, sun, butterfly, heart, circle and star. There were lots of skewers included for making fun kebabs! There was also a little instruction booklet, packed full of ideas for creations you can make.

The easiest food to use with the skewers has to be fruit.


We didn’t have tons of fruit in the house on this day but we did have some (old) grapes, some strawberries and a few slices of melon. We could only use the smaller shape cutters for the melon as the bigger ones wouldn’t have fit the slices! We used the star cutter and H put together this creation! Very pretty.

The children thought it was so much fun, they hadn’t done anything like this before and loved the squeezy push out part which they wanted to squeeze all the time!

I think it definitely encourages the eating of fruit and healthy foods because once they’ve physically prepared something so wonderful and fancy, they want to eat it!

We also had a go with bread, to create a new twist on the sandwich. I wasn’t sure how easy the Pop Chef would work with foods like cheese and ham, but it worked brilliantly, very easy to cut through cheese!

We experimented with

We used the flower cutter to create these masterpieces!

We have enjoyed using the Pop Chef, it’s fun and the I think it really got the creative juices flowing with the children wanting to make all sorts of concoctions! It would be great too if you had a party coming up, you could create some extravagant centre pieces for your table if you really put your mind to it 🙂

The Pop Chef costs £9.99 and you can buy it at Argos and Amazon to name but a few outlets.

I was sent the Pop Chef in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions my own.

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