Pink Pool Party! My Sunday Photo 11/09/16

pink swimming pool party

Yes that’s right! It’s a PINK swimming pool!

This was taken at  my daughter’s friends birthday party last week. Her Mum had purchased this special swimming pool dye that turns the pool water any colour you like! I think they would’ve preferred a more prominent pink but this reddish, orangy pinky shade was still great and the kids loved it!

Fab isn’t it?

pink swimming pool

My daughter here on the left with some friends, thoroughly enjoying themselves!



  1. Wow that cool pool love idea of colour water

  2. It’s looks really good and it’s a great idea. I have two thoughts, does it dye the kids pink, and what colour does it go if someone wees in it? Sorry, I’m just being silly 😉

  3. This looks so cool, my girls would love this

    Thank you for linking up

  4. I’ve never heard of pool dye! What a great idea! And I love the flamingo floats. Looks like such a great time!

  5. Fab photo! It looks like a lot of fun is been had! That pool is awesome x

  6. It looks like lots of fun. I wonder how long the water stays that colour #MySundayPhoto

  7. How clever, that looks like an amazing party

  8. So cute. For a moment I thought they were swimming in Coca-Cola. 🙂

  9. It looks a bit sinister actually but I love it


  10. Great idea….but still reminds my mummy of JAWS….. 😉 #MySundayPhoto

  11. Wow! My daughter would love this! Me – not so much! It does look fab though x

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