Park Fun in the Rain

Friday is my afternoon with the twins day.

I wanted to do something outdoors again this week and I know it was pretty darn cold but I think it’s good for the boys and especially for me to get out in the fresh air.

I do hate the cold though and I have to force myself to go out in it if I’m being completely truthful. Once I’d picked up my boys I was very tempted to come straight home but I didn’t.

We drove round to the park near the school and grabbed the scooters out of the boot. I hadn’t realised how biting the wind was – I applauded myself quietly for not walking the whole way!!! (good move)

scooting at the parkNot very clear shots but scooting into the park

I’d already decided to take my boys straight round to the cafe in the park for lunch (any excuse), and stay in there as long as I could! We sat near the radiator and ate our delicious lunch, which was bliss. I love eating out with my boys. I could’ve happily stayed in there all afternoon, I didn’t want to move but O and H became restless.

Then it hit me.

As I was getting my coat on my heart sank. I caught a glimpse of the weather through the window and it was pouring down with rain!!!

Bugger! That’ll teach me for sitting on my backside for ages, avoiding the cold. Now it was cold AND wet!

The park was deserted, the sky was an odd colour, a sort of greeny grey mix and no one in their right mind would’ve hung around.

Except us.

O and H were gagging to get into the playground and nothing was going to convince them to forget this idea! But actually, even though it pained me and I reluctantly agreed to take them in, we DID have quite a lot of fun!

They loved it. Squealing with laughter as they ran around, splashing in puddles without a care in the world – in school shoes too I might add, not wellies!! The added dimension of the rain appeared to make it ridiculously exciting for them.

Empty rainy playgroundThe playground that’s usually so busy on a nice day looked cold and empty in the rain, but at least we had it all to ourselves 😉

Playing in the rainy parkRain not spoiling the fun

twins sheltering from the rainFinding shelter…

twins climbing framePeek a boo

Rainy park funO running around freely in the wet playground – I love this photo

We stayed in the park playing for as long as I could stand it. Our fingers were so wet, cold and red that it made it difficult to stay out in the freezing rain. I needed to thaw out. The boys, I’m sure, could’ve stayed much longer.

When we had reached the car O and H were soaked, even though I tried to put their hoods up I don’t know how many times!

Wet twinsCoats soaking wet and drenched hair… the twins liked this, it was something different for them as we don’t usually play out in the rain!  Aww love my sweet boys so much

Coats off and heater on full blast in the car. A great afternoon after all!


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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic time despite the weather….
    Kids are so much tougher than us adults….I hate the cold my kids would quite happily play outside until their hands turn to ice…lol

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