#MySundayPhoto – 15/01/17



My little H lost his front tooth this week!

He is a twin and they are my last children out of four so I do baby them if I’m being honest. Losing this tooth is another sign that they are growing up and I hate it! I don’t want them to lose their baby teeth…. I wish I could keep them little for a bit longer!

They are seven and a half now so relatively old to be losing their front teeth. I think they’ve done well to hold on to them as long as they have! O hasn’t lost any of his front teeth yet although being twins there seems to be a wobbly tooth every other week at the moment! The tooth fairy is being kept very busy here 😉





  1. Great photo, Mia has just lost her first tooth…a big moment

    Thank you for linking up

  2. What a lovely smile….I hope they tooth fairy was generous x

  3. My son’s just turned seven and managed to hold onto his teeth for quite a while. He lost both front teeth a few months ago now 🙂 I don’t want mine to grow up either, it’s going too fast!

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