My Girl

Thought I’d do a post on each of my children to give a bit of background on them all. I’ll do the Twins as a pair as they are pretty similar at the moment! My Teen is complex as you can imagine Teens are, so I think I’ll start with My Girl.


My almost eight year old daughter is my little princess. She came along six and half years after my son and was longingly wished for so much. I wanted this baby to be a girl more than anything but I didn’t once allow myself to imagine it could be. I wouldn’t be that lucky. I would purposely stay away from anything pink in the baby shops for fear of tempting fate. I was convinced I was carrying a boy which, don’t get me wrong, would’ve been amazing but I desperately wanted to experience having a daughter.

My pregnancy was perfect. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever right from the very start. I felt fantastic the whole way through and considering I had such an awful birth with my son, the birth of My Girl was pretty much textbook perfect. It was fast, easy, painful of course but drug free and wonderful. I did have a blip straight after birth when the afterbirth wouldn’t come out. One can only be left for a certain amount of time so once the midwives had tried everything to remove it I was taken to theatre whereby I was supposed to be put on a drip and given an epidural. An inexperienced nurse inserted  the cannula incorrectly causing it to fall out, leaving my hand pouring with blood all over the place…..luckily a doctor appeared to help and he said he would have a ‘go’ himself at removing the afterbirth – lets just say he pressed down on my tummy, told me to push before literally yanking it out!! Sounds barbaric, and it was I suppose, but it worked so I was grateful. My drug free birth remained drug free.


That moment I first saw my daughter was one of the happiest moments of my life (as well as seeing my other babies of course). The OH and myself were beside ourselves. She was absolutely, categorically and completely perfect.

I breastfed my baby girl for a year. I hadn’t fed my son apart from those first few days so this was something I really wanted to experience. It obviously made the bond between her and I very strong indeed. She wouldn’t go to anyone else. I was all she wanted and I was in this little bubble of her and I.

I’ve loved every second of having My Girl. She is everything I hoped she’d be. She is girly, of course she had to be as I am very girly myself and after having a boy there was no way my daughter wasn’t going to like pink!!  But she’s not sickly sweet. She has three brothers so she has an element of tom boy about her too which is fantastic and hilarious. She has the filthiest laugh you’ve ever heard. She can be very loud at times but she also loves quiet time and cuddles. She loves playing with her little twin brothers. She’s so good with them and they worship her.

A cold day at the park

At the moment she does a selection of activities which include ballet, tap, modern, gymnastics and swimming.

My Girl. She is kind, thoughtful, funny, sensitive, cheeky, loving and beautiful.

I thank my lucky stars for her every day.



  1. Ahh one day she will read this and feel so loved. Great post. Popping over from BritMums to say hi. Mich x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hello Mich thanks for your comment! Ah my little girl already knows what I’ve written here anyway, I tell her every day how much she means to me! She probably gets sick of hearing it! X

  2. Awww such a lovely post. I like that you are doing a little post on each of your children. Cant wait to read the others! 🙂 popping over from #magicmoments

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, I thought it would be nice to introduce them properly! Thanks for reading..i’ll pop over to your blog now and have a read… x

  3. awww this is such a beautiful post! i am honored you have linked it up for #magicmoments xx

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