Morning Mayhem

I find the morning rush stressful. It’s fair to say I absolutely HATE it.

I look forward to the school holidays when I can wake leisurely….. I don’t mean laze in bed all day, I’m happy to get up early, it’s the rushing to get out of the door with four kids that’s the killer. And I know I have a teenager who pretty much sorts himself out but he can nag sometimes.

“Mum where’s this” or “Can I have this” or “You haven’t done that”… etc, so more often than not he contributes to my already high stress levels.

Getting the younger three to even MOVE is a mammoth task in itself. They work in slow motion you see… and it’s all I can do to stop myself screaming at them but I try not to. Bless them, they’re tired,I think. And being a bit disorganised myself, I always blame myself for not having everything ready the night before and more often than not I’m always looking for something as I’m about to leave the house, which drives me insane.

But yesterday, the joke that is my morning routine hit a whole new level!!

It was past my time to leave and I was rushing around. Nothing new there.  I went out to the car and unlocked it and told the three little ones to get in, Teen walks to school with friends. I often do this as it stops the children being under my feet for those last few seconds before leaving. The twins jump into their car seats and my daughter fastens their seatbelts. This saves precious time too.

Now, for some completely peculiar reason, she had never done this before…. my daughter had put the key in the ignition. I remember thinking it was odd but I didn’t question it as we were running late. She hadn’t turned they key or anything and I assumed she had done it to save time.

I have a long keyring type thing attached to my car keys, one of the kids put it on once and I kept it on because well, it enables me to locate them much quicker when searching for them in my huge handbag!!

The key ring

So, I switch the engine on ready to go… but as I’ve started to pull away from my house it quickly became obvious something felt very wrong with the car. The steering wheel wasn’t moving. At all.

My mind was racing and as I’m moving across the other side of the road on course to hit the houses opposite I’m frantically trying to fathom it out! I thought it was the steering rack or the power steering that was broken…. what was happening?!!!!! Aargh!! Not sure why I hadn’t put my foot on the brake at this point but thankfully I was moving slowly as I’d just pulled off so in these split seconds all I wanted to do was turn the wheel. Quick. I couldn’t just break anyway because my car was diagonal across the road! I needed to straighten the car up.

It was then that I noticed. My daughter had undone the black fastener of the keyring and tied it around the steering wheel somehow… OMG what was she thinking? The steering wheel wouldn’t turn because the keyring had jammed it into the one position. Why why why? I had to do something!!! So I yanked the steering wheel with sheer brute force to get the wheels to turn the other way!

Then there was an almighty SNAP. They key broke in the ignition. The engine turned off and I was stuck, diagonal across the road with a broken key in the ignition, completely flush so there was no way I could get pliers or anything else to pull it out! NOOOOOOOOO

GREAT! This could only happen to ME.

What was left of my key

I actually couldn’t believe what was happening. My daughter was horrified and I was in shock. Angry, but not really at her, it wasn’t her fault, although why she did it I’ll never know! I sat there for a moment trying to take stock. The twins were looking at me, clueless as to what just happened!!

So there I was. Up shit creek without a paddle. Why the hell did I even bother getting up and rushing around this morning? I should’ve stayed in bed! It couldn’t get any worse could it? Oh yes, I forgot, I was supposed to be in work too.

I called the OH who was already at work and he suggested the RAC or a locksmith. He wasn’t amused. I managed to put the car in neutral and luckily it rolled (I would never have been able to push it, it’s a huge 7 seater!) so I managed to straighten it up a tiny bit, even though it was miles away from the curb! I took the kids back in the house while I deliberated on what to do with them.

I was tempted to keep them off school and not go into work but I thought better of it. The RAC wouldn’t come out because I don’t have home start. Well they would, it would just cost me ninety odd quid for the call out. Yeah, sod right off! Two locksmiths said they probably wouldn’t be able to get the key out?! I tried to find a specialist auto locksmith but in the mean time, the OH called back to say a guy he knows had a tool that he thought would get the broken key out of the ignition and he would bring it back later on. He was at least an hour away at work.

I decided to call a cab and take the kids to school and carry on to work. OH would pick us up after school time.

Taking the twins through reception at school an hour later than usual proved difficult. They got upset and wanted to stay with me. They had a complete meltdown. Of course they did! This is how my morning could get worse!!! I had a cab waiting outside the school, clock friggin ticking away racking up my fare and my little boys were hanging off my legs screaming! I tried for what seemed like ages to encourage them to go in nicely but they were having none of it. I ended up having to leave them with the staff to deal with.. their idea not mine. It was awful, they were crying for me as I left… My poor babies. I just wanted to take them home and snuggle up with them and forget the whole damn stupid day!!

But instead, I got back in the cab and went to work. Stressed.








  1. Oh Carolynne, sounds like an horrendous morning! Did you get the key out and fixed? Hope you destressed quickly… only a week to go til the school holidays start 🙂 xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe yes OH managed to get the broken key bit out and I was overjoyed. But the joy only lasted minutes until we realised my battery was flat!! Even though the engine had cut off, the key was turned to the ‘on’ position inside the lock so it had drained my battery!! Double great!!! OH didn’t have jump leads so we then had to borrow some and ‘jump’ the car!! Phew. All ok now though 🙂 And yes, CANNOT wait for the holidays xx

  2. crikey!! that was quite a morning wasn’t it?!

  3. Oh my! That sounds horrible….I hope you got the key out! x

  4. Oh know what an awful start to the day. I hope you got it all sorted in the end and that it didn’t cost too much.

  5. Oh, i feel you! I had an AWFUL morning last monday which i then ended up having an emotinonal breakdown at school. I really hope you managed to get it sorted out. Only one more week and then 6 weeks off!!!! x

  6. Oh what an awful day and it must have been so scary for you all x

  7. Oh my! What an awful start to the day. I’m not surprised you were tempted to stay at home. Our school is just over the road so we literally kick the kids out and they take themselves. It’l all change in September when I’m going to be back on the nursery run and making sure the eldest gets the college bus on time.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Urgh don’t even start me on nursery runs when it’s half day pick up! Feels like you’re never away from school when you have nursery and older kids!!

  8. What a bloody horrible morning and experience for you all. I think you need a pat on the back for thinking on your feet, I really have no idea what I would of done. Thank goodness none of you were hurt, you obviously have someone watching over you xxxx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I was more annoyed by the fact that I’d rushed the kids round all morning to get to school on time then this happened lol x

  9. Sounds like a nightmare morning. I really feel for you. Things can only get better from now on, I’m sure – feet up on the sofa for you tonight! And I know what you mean about kids only moving in slow motion. My children suffer from that affliction too.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hehe it’s enough to drive us crazy isn’t it?! Mine will just sit there forever more, I have to keep telling them what to do, even though they do the same thing every morning!!!!

  10. OMG, what a horrendous experience. Have you managed to get the key out and sorted?

  11. What a hideous start to the day! This is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to me. I genuinely hope your day got better. x

  12. Sounds awful 🙁 Mornings are usually pretty stressful here too :S for many reasons but the key situation sounds extremely stressful!

  13. What an horrendous start to the day. I hope it got better and the car got sorted. I think I’d have stayed at home

  14. I wanted to say that this post needs a part two but my questions are answered in your replies to commenters. Sorry you went through this as it sounds awful. Hubby sounds resourceful though.
    Shame RAC are so so dear for homestart 🙁
    Thanks for sharing this, I think it is good for us all to share our stresses sometimes, so we don’t feel alone when we have days like this.
    Roll on the hols when you don’t have the school run to deal with xxx

  15. Oh wow, what a morning… if I read it in the book or watched in the movie I wouldn’t believe the story was real.
    I am sure good karma will pay off somehow for this stress.

  16. What an awful start to your day and it is so lucky (in a way) that it happened at home. You could have been further from home before realising that there was something wrong 🙁 never mind I suppose she will never do anything silly like that again!

  17. Oh my what a morning! I hope you are all ok – I think I would have been in shock for a while and probably very panicky! x

  18. Eeek that sounds horrendous, and scary too! Hope it all got sorted and you got some time to relax before you had to pick them up again!

  19. What a horrible morning……can’t believe a key would be that weak it would snap though! Hope you got it sorted in the end xx

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