Missing my girl….

My little girl has gone on her first school trip to stay away from home.

She went yesterday and she’s back tomorrow but today, I’m missing her so much.

I remember when Teen went on this same trip, back when he was in year 5 too. A PGL activity trip that I think many schools run for this age group. He loved it. I missed him but I knew he’d love it, he was that sort of child; very outgoing, confident, sporty – I didn’t really worry too much that he’d miss home. He had some great friends and was used to sleepovers etc.

But my girl is different. She’s quieter and a lot more homely.

I remember she must’ve been in year 1 when Teen went, and she was horrified at the thought of going on a trip like that herself! Of course she was only little at that time, but I couldn’t imagine it either.

Even up to last year she was adamant she would not do the trip. But once we received the letter in the Autumn of last year, giving us all the details and a deadline for the first payment to be made, she decided she wanted to go. All the children at school were talking about it and she knew she didn’t want to miss out.

I’m glad, because I wouldn’t have wanted her to miss out either. I suppose many of the children would’ve felt apprehensive, it’s a young age to be staying away from home in a strange place. They had no idea what it would be like.

As momentum at school started to build when the trip date approached, my daughter became very excited about it! I would even go so far as to say she was looking forward to it! Bless her.

I thought it would be nice to go out shopping, just the two of us, to let her choose some of the things she needed from her kit list. I treated her to a new suitcase. Yes we have some already but they’re all a little large and anyway, I wanted her to feel special and have one of her own! (Although I did insist on a neutral colour so it can be used again by any of my sons!)

She chose some new clothes, just basics like leggings, t-shirts and a new raincoat (children have a nasty habit of growing out of everything!). She also picked out a little wash bag and a few of those mini toiletries that shops like Superdrug and Boots do! She loved that bit!

zoella wash bag and perfumeThe cute Zoella wash bag she chose. Oh and I even treated her to some gorgeous smelling Zoella perfume! She felt very grown up!

So she was all set.

Sunday evening she had a little wobble. To be expected. She couldn’t sleep and came downstairs once or twice but when the morning came around, she was back to being excited again.

Everything was packed. A secret note to her was written by me and hidden in her suitcase, ready for her to find during her trip! I packed a few sweet nibbles too for some cheeky night time snacks (I don’t want her little tummy to be empty… maybe she won’t like her dinner – who knows?!).

Here’s my Girl when we arrived at school! The case looks bigger than her in this photo!

She happily got on the coach and was sitting with her friend. We waved them off and that was it. They don’t know who they’ll be sharing a room with until they get there. This is obviously to prevent complaints. They were invited to write some names of friends they’d like to share with beforehand, and I’m sure the teachers will ensure they get at least one of those with them.

That’s worried me a little though. I hope she has been with someone she feels comfortable with, otherwise that could upset her.

The worst thing about the whole trip though for me, is the no contact allowed. We cannot call or speak to our children and they cannot call us. This is for the best according to the school, and being as they’ve been taking children away on trips like this for years, I’m sure they know best. It’s to prevent homesickness kicking in. The children might be fine, then speak to a parent and suddenly miss home. It also prevents parents worrying if their child was to cry on the phone. But no contact is difficult. At this age, I don’t think there are many parents that would say they haven’t spoke to their child for this long!

It feels strange.

And I’m sitting here on Tuesday evening missing my girl so much. The twins are missing their buddy and the house doesn’t feel the same without her.

She’s home tomorrow and I can’t wait.

I can’t wait to see her pretty little face and hear all about it. I hope she’s had an amazing time. I’m sure she has.

The weather has been perfect for them.

I can’t believe she’s had her very first trip away from home.

Growing up.


  1. I always miss H when he goes away, but so far it has only been a sleep over to granny’s and the like. Our school don’t do them till Y6, but I know I will miss him then.

  2. I can relate to this so much (I even put little notes in my children’s bags when they go away with school/clubs). Yes, it’s great the weather was good and I’m sure she will have had a great time, but I know what you mean about the missing them…..

  3. awww I am sure she will be having a fantastic time! It will be a few years before I experience this with my children but I know I will feel the same xx

  4. As a parent, this sounds like a scary experience! I remember how my mum was when my younger sister and brother went on school trips (I was far too busy on my own to think about it..)

    It seems like you’ve made the whole experience really special for her – I hope she comes back with lots of wonderful memories x

  5. I remember when my son went on his Year 6 trip for a week – I missed him like crazy, but he had such a fun time! The hardest part about being a mum is letting them fly… x

  6. such a rite of passage no matter how much the parents find it hard.

  7. Oh bless her. I am sure she will have a blast. But neither of mine have done a school residential yet (well till next week when mini aged four is doing one night).

  8. I hope that she has had an amazing time! It’s only natural to worry and think about them when they’re away from home for the first time. It’s wonderful that she is feeling confident enough to go in the first place though. Lots of cuddles tomorrow to look forward to, I bet 🙂 x

  9. Oh bless her, I bet she has had a great time. Horrible when our babies go on overnight trips isn’t it, but usually great for them x

  10. Wow, thats one huge suitcase!! My three eldest have all done this and they have loved every single minute!! She will have a blast but I can understand just how you feel x

  11. Aw you are right, the case does look bigger than she does, so cute x

  12. aww its like a right of passage isn’t it .. big hugs lovely x

  13. Oh she looks so sweet. Mine haven’t yet been away but I know it’s coming, I have to say I’m absolutely dreading it!! Hope she had a brilliant time.

  14. Such a milestone for both of you. We are due to go on our first school day-trip, and that feels grown-up for me!

  15. Oh bless you they really do grow up way too fast don’t they? Soon this will be my two and I don’t think I will bare it. More so with my youngest as I think my oldest is stronger in this sense. Bet she has a ball. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  16. First trips are always difficult. Luckily it will be a while before my youngest goes on one!

  17. StephsTwoGirls says

    Oh where is that Zoella washbag from?! I HAVE to get that for my girl, she sounds a lot like yours 🙂

  18. Ickle Pickle says

    Oh I hope she had a fantastic time, and that you survived! Kaz x

  19. It must be really hard to let her go, I hope she had a lovely first trip away.

  20. nolene oneill says

    AHhh My 9 yr old has just brought his permission slip home for a 3 day 2 night residential school trip for 2016 feeling lonely already

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