Merlin Annual Pass Sale & Thorpe Park Giveaway

Yes it’s that time of year folks when one of the best sales deals ever is on offer! A deal you really can’t afford to miss out on if you love family days out at one of the many UK’s amazing theme parks!

The Merlin Annual Pass is SUCH good value for money anyway, even without the sale discount. But WITH the discount it’s simply too good to miss.

Merlin annual pass sale

Just in case you didn’t know, Merlin have 32 different attractions all across the UK and the Annual Pass will grant you free entry into ALL of them!

There’s literally SO much fun to be had with an Annual Pass and once the initial outlay is paid, it gives you peace of mind knowing that, when ever you want, you can just pick up on the spur of the moment and head off to somewhere amazing. Giving the kids a brilliant day out, without having to think about how much all the tickets will cost.

We had Thorpe Park Annual Passes for all the family last year which we put to very good use. We saved an absolute fortune because we visited at LEAST six times! But imagine being able to visit some of the other parks too? Like Alton Towers, Chessington, Legoland, Warwick Castle, Shrek’s Adventure, London Dungeons, Blackpool Tower…. the list of fabulous attractions really is endless, and the savings are massive. Especially when you remember that entry into these attractions per person can be as much as £50 EACH!

Thorpe Park is still one of our favourites because it’s the closest to us and has some of our favourite, big rides! It’s great for adults and teenagers (although still plenty to do for youngsters) so I visit a lot with just with my Teen, so we can hit all the roller coasters in quick succession!

Thorpe Park is situated just outside London, it’s in a great location with easy access from the motorways, making it the number one choice for Londoners! The Park is closed throughout the Winter months but this year they’re opening the ticket office on each and every Saturday now from 10am – 4pm, leading up to their opening date of March 23rd 2017, so you can pop down and pick up your Merlin Annual Pass from there, nice and early!

There are two different types of passes – the Premium one, which includes quite a few extras to the Standard Pass, and these are things such as no restricted access, priority entry and free parking. The Standard Pass does have restricted access to the main parks during high season and at some special events so be sure check those out before purchasing. If they don’t affect when and where you go then that one will be totally fine.

For more details on restrictions and all other information, as well as booking, please visit the Merlin Annual Pass Website.

Below is a table of the savings you can make by buying your Annual Pass in the January sale!

 Prices per person
January Price    Full Price       Saving

New Premium Family £129 £179 £50
New Premium Individual £159 £219 £60
New Standard Family £109 £139 £30
New Standard Individual £129 £179 £50
Renewal Premium Family £119 £139 £20
Renewal Premium Individual £149 £169 £20
Renewal Standard Family £99 £109 £10
Renewal Standard Individual £119 £139 £20



Just to make things even more exciting here on Mummy Endeavours, I’m giving away FOUR tickets for the 2017 season of Thorpe Park!

Enter via the Gleam widget below!

Mummy Endeavours – Win FOUR Tickets to Thorpe Park

There is 1 prize to be won and there will be 1 individual winner selected. The winner will receive:

  • Four tickets to THORPE PARK Resort



  1. melanie stirling says

    Warwick Castle is my favourite.

  2. Tammy Westrup says

    Our favourite is alton towers as the kids love cbeebies land

  3. I love Warwick Castle

  4. Michaela Hannah says

    Alton Towers – it never fails to impress me and it’s always improving!

  5. Gemma huein says

    I love ❤️ legoland x

  6. love warwick castle because it is so close to us!

  7. Legoland Windsor

  8. We love Alton Towers because having 3 kids different ages and wanting to get in on the act ourselves means everything is there for us to enjoy. Shame about the queues but my eldest had a pass last year so was able to reduce the waiting time.

  9. i love alton towers x

  10. Sharon sheppard says

    Legoland Windsor is our fav x

  11. Legoland

  12. Alton Towers – I’ve never been to Thorpe Park (Please note I marked rafflecopter as Dale Dow)

  13. I love Alton Towers

  14. Joanne Hutchings says

    I haven’t been to many so my favourite of those I’ve been to is probably Alton Towers.

  15. Jo McPherson says

    Thorpe Park

  16. Kat Allinson says


  17. Legoland,

  18. Catherine Gibbard says

    I love Thorpe park.

  19. alton towers for cbeebies land

  20. Lynsey Buchanan says

    Alton Towers

  21. Rachel Bonness says

    Thorpe Park! I love it ☺️

  22. Warwick Castle x

  23. Kay Broomfield says

    Alton Towers is fabulous

  24. m1ssingsleep says

    Thank you for the lovely competition, we love Legoland, but Thorpe Park rates highly too! x

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