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Over the month of July I attended a number of Christmas in July shows. These consist of stores and brands showing off their new Autumn/Winter and Christmas ranges for the coming season. I will be sharing a lot of what I had the pleasure of seeing over the coming weeks as we get ready for Autumn.

My favourite Christmas products had to be toys though. As I have four kids, these are the most important at Christmas time, as well as the food of course!

There were a couple of toys in particular that kept cropping up at all the toy events that are predicted to be top sellers this Christmas and one was this one, the very loveable and interactive Xeno.



We were invited to the launch event of Xeno at London Zoo. It was a great venue for the unveiling of a super product and we were all very excited to be a part of it. As I said, Xeno is predicted to be a huge hit this Christmas and I can see why. He has a list of attributes that kids are looking for in a toy these days, in times when kids seem to have so much, you can almost say Xeno has everything rolled into one.

So who is he? Well, apparently he is an’ interactive baby monster who lives in a magical world under kids beds and comes out to play at night. Xeno is not just a cheeky baby monster but a friend for children to play with, care for a love!!’


 The children were eager to know all there is to know about Xeno

The first thing my children noticed about Xeno was his snotty nose! They all thought this was very amusing! The ‘snot’ though, has a function, it is one of very many… let’s take a look at the features…..

Xeno has 8 sensors on his body.

  • Tap his forehead to make him happy
  • When Xeno sneezes you can clean his nose by pulling his snot
  • Xeno farts when you pull his tail
  • He is ticklish on his feet
  • He burps if you press his belly button
  • Xeno asks to be fed and you can feed him by placing your finger in his mouth
  • Play games with him by pressing his hands and using his snot, hands and belly sensors

This toy is pretty amazing I have to say! There are just so many things that he can do and he is sooooo cute! He has big adorable eyes that show emotions, he can laugh and cry, he can sleep, show sadness and excitement and is very easy to like.



Xeno comes with his own App

I have to admit that I think some apps that accompany toys are a bit on the rubbish side and don’t really do the toy justice. Most just don’t have the play factor or good graphics and can look at bit boring.

Not this one! The Xeno app is amazing. It’s a game all by itself, it’s like something you would buy for a high end games console and my children thought it was brilliant! You don’t have to have the app to play with Xeno, and you don’t have to have Xeno to play the app, but they do interact and the app does enhance the play levels available for Xeno.

It’s an amazing game and yet another fabulous extension of Xeno’s incredible features.

xenoThe very playable app

We spent ages at the launch event for Xeno. There were so many Xeno’s lying around to play with that all the children that were there were able to really get to know him. My own children had so much fun and didn’t want to leave.


One just wasn’t enough for my little H, he wanted all of these to take home!!

The thing to remember about this toy is that although it is on the pricey side (they retail at around the £60/£70 mark) you are getting so much for your money in terms of playability and technology. I don’t think there is anything as high tech as this on the market right now, not one that is also as much fun anyway, and so very cute and loveable.

Xeno can play a LOT. He can speak too. He has a few phrases that he will use to let you know what he wants. He will ask “wanna play?”, he will tell you when he’s hungry and if he’s eaten too much he will make naughty sounds! He can dance to music that you play and will also sing along, if he likes it that is, he has his preferences!

Xeno will also interact with his friends, other Xenos. So if your children want one each, they can play away to their hearts content and won’t ever be lonely 🙂


 My little H fell in love with Xeno and didn’t want to leave him

I have to add that Xeno is very tactile, he is made out of a rubbery material that feels lovely to touch. He is soft and squishy and is similar to many cuddly toys in that he is a mixture of all the kids favourites… rabbits, teddy’s, puppy’s… he is all of those and more.

I would highly recommend this ever so cute toy to anyone who doesn’t know what to get their child this Christmas. It’s a must. It will be on my kids wishlist that’s for sure.

It’s safe to say that we think Xeno is awesome.


 We were given some Xeno related goodie bags to take home with us…. before heading off into London Zoo for a fun day looking at the animals with my lovely friend Ruth from Rocknrollerbaby 🙂

You can find Xeno on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and Instagram under Xenoslife.

He is available now to buy from all major outlets 🙂


  1. I think this looks great but the price is ridiculous x #TriedTested

  2. We saw these in town today and my boy saw the snot straight away!

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