MAD Blog Awards 2014

Last year, when I was first thinking about starting my own blog, everyone seemed to be talking about the MAD Blog Awards. It was EVERYWHERE!

I didn’t know anything about them back then but by the time the actual award ceremony was taking place last September, announcing the results and winners, I’d been blogging quite a few months and knew everything about them!

I’d become familiar with many of the blogs that were nominated and I watched closely to see who made the final cut. It seemed every blogger was desperately trying to drum up those all important votes.

It looked rather stressful to be honest. But exciting!

So this year I’m going join in the furore and put myself forward for an award.

I’ve no idea why, as my blog is still relatively small and unknown compared to most but I simply want to join in the fun, I don’t want to be left out and I definitely want to be nominating for all my favourite blogs too!

I would LOVE a nomination in ANY category but unfortunately I don’t think my blog fits the bill for most…. I definitely can’t be entered into the pregnancy or baby categories…. my youngest are my four year old twins who are (thankfully) past that baby stage now! I don’t do travel or crafty posts, this isn’t to say there won’t ever be any of these, just to date, I haven’t covered anything in those subjects. I certainly don’t do food posts, I’ll leave that to the experts, or thrifty posts. I wouldn’t say my blog is innovative either, although if YOU think it is then by all means sling me a vote, hehe!

I have plans to write about homes and interiors as we are renovating our own home at the moment, but I couldn’t be in that category yet. I love taking photo’s but mine are usually snapshots, not majorly creative ones. I do like a photo nonetheless…. so this could be a ‘maybe’ category I guess!

The outstanding contribution category is for bloggers who have raised money for charity or helped considerably within their community…. hmm well I DID participate in Team Honk?!

Ok, ok, so that just leaves a few categories that I know I would definitely slot in to quite easily.

If you’re feeling generous, which I know you are you lovely lot of readers…. Please, please, please throw a nomination my way so I can at least say I got ONE!

I will be eternally grateful 🙂

I think I could get away with these categories….

Best New Blog….. My blog is less than a year old.

Best School Days Blog….. I would say I’ve written more about school days than any other subject. I’ve especially covered the subject of Summer Born children at school on numerous occasions and my twins’ struggles with  nursery and settling in.

Best Entertaining Blog….. I’ve written a couple of funny posts, even if I do say so myself!

With so many wonderful blogs out there, it’s terribly difficult to choose. I know I’m going to have to think hard about my choices but we all just need to remind ourselves that we blog for ourselves and the enjoyment of it, rather than the recognition.

Even though that would be utterly fabulous!

Please leave a comment... I try to reply to each and every one :)

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