Little Live Pet Flutterwings

If you have a daughter, and haven’t been hiding under a stone for the past year or so, you’ll have noticed Little Live Pets toys in the shops. They’re pretty cool.

My little girl already had the Little Live Pet Bird, which Santa brought for Christmas… it’s so cute and mimics noises you make. For instance, if you whistle, it will start singing back to you, in the same tune! And even though it’s plastic, to a child it feels real as it moves around, opens it’s beak and tweets.

little live pet birdThe little Bird

My Girl wanted the Butterfly Flutterwings too though and recently she got her wish when this ultra colourful creature arrived in the post for her!

Little Live Pet flutterwingsThis particular Little Live Pet butterfly was the ‘Tropical Beauty’ and just look at those gorgeous vibrant colours!

The great thing about these toys is that they are interactive.

The butterfly comes with it’s own little ‘docking station’ which looks like a flower. It sits on top for a matter of seconds to feed on it’s nectar (to charge), then it’s ready to flutter it’s wings!

The wings flutter at different speeds depending on the mood of the butterfly! From very fast in a jittery movement to get your attention if it’s lonely, to fluttering slowly and smoothly if it’s content.

Little live pet butterflyIt feels alive in your hand!

The Little Live Pet Butterfly has a suction display holder that enables you to decorate your windows!

little live pet butterfly

There are instructions on how to ‘feed’ and care for your pet. This is a nice touch, especially for those children who don’t have a real pet at home, they can learn how to take care of this one, and it’s a lot less work that’s for sure 😉

My daughter took her butterfly out into the garden to play….

little live pet butterfly

little live pet butterfly

These are very sweet little toys and start at the very reasonable price of £9.99. They do require 2 AA batteries which are not included. There are many designs to choose from, so the option of collecting them all would be lots of fun for any child.

We were sent the Little Live Pet Butterfly in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. Aww, that butterfly looks lovely! D hasn’t noticed these yet but she’s 4 in August and I think she’d probably really like them. We’ve been wondering what to suggest to her as a birthday present…in fact, here she is asking what I’m looking at right now!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww I love this! Love that she’s looking at the photo’s and wanting a butterfly flutterwings! They are very cute and collectable x

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