Late Summer Heatwave – My Sunday Photo 18/09/16

What a difference a few days make!

This was me in the garden on Tuesday this week! In the sweltering late Summer heat. I thought ‘sod it’, I don’t care about work/housework today, I’m going to make the most of this glorious sunshine and have a sunbathe in the garden!

I only managed a couple of hours, but feeling the hot sun on my skin for probably the last time this year, was completely heavenly!

Wednesday I managed an hour too, just while I ate my lunch and I’m so glad I did because by Friday it was stormy and thoroughly miserable!

The storms during the early hours on Friday morning and at breakfast time were really something else! Severe thunder and lightening and lashing rain from at least 4am! The rain continued on the school run with flash flooding everywhere!

I think Summer is officially over now! It was good while is lasted.


  1. Oh! I will miss it too! Make the most of it whilst you still can. 🙂 #MySundayPhoto

  2. We had a couple of nice days but they seem few and far between now

    Thank you for linking up

  3. I don’t blame you, I’d have been out in it too if I hadn’t been working. Lovely summery shot.

  4. Le Coin de Mel says

    Hey lovely, it was really nice meeting you today, We definitely have to set a coffee date. I also enjoyed that mini heatwave, if only it could last! I’m not ready for my winter coat and Ugg boots!

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