The Inner Me Diaries – A Review

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A while ago I wrote a post about embarking on the Inner Me Vitamin Challenge! I was only a week or so in at that time and I talked about how I was finding the whole ‘taking supplements every day’ thing.I reported that although I was slightly apprehensive at first, it was in fact, incredibly easy to integrate them into my lifestyle.

inner me vitimins
The product I was testing was The Hectic Years… designed for women over the age of 30. In regards to the benefits of taking the Daily 4 Me (The Hectic Years), the supplements include tailored ingredients, designed to energise and support women like me, who have very busy lives. Each individual supplement has its own benefits:
  • The multivitamin and mineral supplement involves the energy releasing B vitamins and Vitamin D for healthy bones
  • The high strength Omega 3 fish oil capsule helps to maintain a healthy heart
  • The Lactospore Complex capsule is full of natural ingredients and antioxidants
  • The Co Enzyme Q10 capsule helps for glowing and youthful looking skin
I have been taking the supplements for six weeks in total and have now finished my challenge. I’ve already noticed a change in my energy levels since I finished the course and now I want to order some more.

I would 100% say that the vitamins improved my wellbeing. I go to bed late most nights and even though I’m always tired, I did notice that I wasn’t feeling as sluggish as I normally do, in fact, the late night weren’t affecting me nearly as much as they did prior to taking them. My skin felt more hydrated, and even though it’s difficult to say whether it’s purely because of the supplements, since I’ve finished them my skin feels noticeably drier again.

What I absolutely love about Inner Me is that there is a mountain of resources on their website, which not only enables you to find out about all the fabulous products, but there is a whole lifestyle section too, giving lots of hints and tips on how to make the most of your health. There are even recipe suggestions to maximise your wellbeing. It’s a beautiful website giving so much inspiration, be sure to head on over and have a look for yourself!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Inner Me was created in 2012 by founder Nikki Cooper who, in 2009, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and embarked on a quest to find supplements that would optimise her health and wellbeing. Bewildered by choice and not finding anything she could relate to, the idea for Inner Me was born. Following extensive research, Inner Me was launched, changing the days of monotonous and daunting supplement products forever.

Nikki CooperNikki Cooper

As well as Nikki Cooper, the founder and inspiration behind Inner Me, the supplements are also recommended by a team of experts on health, beauty, wellbeing and nutrition:

  • Amanda Hamilton: nutritionist, and respected personal health commentator
  • Abigail James: skincare and wellness industry expert
  • Camille Meskill: top fitness professional
  • Elaine Slater: psychologist and consultant therapist for the Priory Hospital and London Fashion Week
All the products are manufactured in the UK and are free from preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colours. They are stocked Nationwide in all major outlets but the easiest way to buy is to order online, and with prices starting from as little as £14.99 for a 4 week supply, you can’t go wrong. You can even subscribe, which means every month a delightful package will be delivered to your door and you’ll never run out!
The Inner Me supplements arrive in a beautifully wrapped package, very lovely and girly!

inner me diaries

Now, as promised in my last post, I am offering YOU, my lovely readers, an exclusive discount! 
Buy one month’s supply of Daily 4 Me (The Hectic Years) and get one month’s supply free!
To claim the exclusive discount, all you need to do is enter the code MummyE when at the check-out on (see screen shot below to see exactly where the discount code needs to go)
inner me
I would love you to give the Inner Me range a try, and see the benefits for yourself. Then come back and tell me all about it!

I have really enjoyed this challenge. Not only does taking the supplements mean your body is receiving all the necessary nutrients it needs, because let’s face it, busy lives mean we are not always focused on what we eat, but it inspires you to try and be fit and healthy in other ways too. I know I have become more concious of exercise and drinking more water, to work alongside the supplements, boosting their effects.

We all need to do what we can, we owe it to our families to be as healthy as we possibly can be 🙂


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