I love my #BratzBFF

Valentines Day doesn’t just celebrate the love shared by couples anymore, it’s more about love of every kind.

My children like to be involved and last year it was nice to buy things for them as a fun way of saying I love you! My daughter especially thought this was great and was of course my special little Valentine as she’s such a Mummy’s girl!

With that in mind, Bratz got in touch recently to ask me if my daughter wanted to get involved with a little campaign they were running called #BratzBFF. They wanted to send us two of their new Bratz dolls from the Selfie Snaps friends collection so that my daughter could give one to her own best friend. As a Valentine gift to celebrate great friendship!



Both dolls arrived beautifully wrapped with a lovely card for each girl to write a special message in to the other…. a few words about why they loved their best friend! Such a sweet idea.

I guess the whole hashtag BFF ‘thing’ has evolved from text speak, where kids and teenagers converse in a completely coded world – it’s actually hilarious if you’ve come across it. Even my older Teen has many an abbreviation when talking to friends, sometimes it carries through to conversations he has with ME! Talk about lazy!

But I guess girls have always had best friends… I know I did at school. Girls are so different to boys, who usually play in a large group and don’t hanker after that one special friend. So a BFF is nothing new, just a current name for it.

My daughter actually has a number of BFF’s, which I like. A while ago she had one very special friend at school and they were inseparable. They met at nursery and were always together, they never argued and had a very close bond. But she left in year 4 and although they are still close, it meant my daughter had to spread her wings and forge new friendships. I think this has been great for her in a lot of ways because she has become close to a number of girls now, and she she may not have done that had her old friend stayed.


I would say this is her closest friend now at school. They have really connected and absolutely love each other. They were thrilled to be participating in the #BratzBFF campaign and couldn’t wait to unwrap their brand new Bratz Doll!


Yay! Finally unwrapped and both girls were over the moon to be given the Remix doll, ‘Jade’ – this is a doll my daughter doesn’t have already, so she’s very happy!


Following their return last year, the Bratz girls are back for 2016 with some fresh new styles and super cool accessories. Bratz Remix – Grab your headphones, turn on your favourite playlist and mix it up with Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha. Rocking their spirit animal inspired headphones as part of their fab-as-ever outfits, the remix collection showcases the girls’ favourite playlists. The #SelfieSnaps is back by popular demand with some cool new looks and loads of super fun accessories. Also introducing Music Festival Vibes, a brand new collection hitting the shelves this Spring. Complete with super cool festival fashions and accessories, along with a second outfit, the Bratz girls are ready to hit this summer’s must-go festivals. Whether it’s a boho bash or a pop party, their independent style and tastes mean there is something for all kinds of music lovers. What’s more, each doll comes with a festival wristband and an additional wristband for the child so everyone can attend the festivals this season!

The Bratz dolls really are on trend right now and it’s great that there are new creations out for 2016 which keeps them fresh and means that children can keep adding to their own collection.

We hope you have a great Valentines Day and celebrate friendship with you BFF 🙂


  1. What a sweet idea and the girls look so happy with their Bratz dolls! My boys aren’t interested in this at the moment but with a little girl on the way I have it all to come!

  2. This is a whole other world for me, I have 2 boys and we live in France where Valentine’s Day is not celebrated at all by children. So all in all something not on my radar, but it seems your girl and her BFF are very happy with their dolls.

  3. What a fab idea for besties. I have to admit I am not keen on Bratz, but do understand why girls love them so much

  4. What a lovely idea – my daughter would love this!!

  5. pigeonpairandme says

    I do like the idea of celebrating Valentine’s with your BFF. When I was at school, one year mine sent me a rose. I was so much more chuffed than if it was a stinky boy who’d done it!

  6. they look really chuffed with their new dolls. my girls love playing with them too

  7. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    My daughter used to be Bratz obsessed and she would have loved the new range a few years ago x

  8. Wonderful pics and idea – lovely to exchange presents like this. I’m still friendly with a number of school friends, so hopefully they’ll look back on this one day and have great memories.

  9. this is a sweet lovely idea xx

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